$100 to $10,000 on Binance Futures Trading? ($600 Binance Bonus)

As you can see on the screen I have Earned 1066 dollars with one trade on Buyers as you can see right here then I Have earned 5294 dollars on buy bit as you can see Right here and I have earned 3798 Dollars with just one trade on Stone Game but you know that I tell you things Directly as they are anyone who Guarantees that you will turn 100 into Ten thousand dollars with any trading Strategy is a scammer even though I'm Making thousands of dollars worth of Profits on all of these platforms the Reality is that 99.99 of the viewers are not going to Make 100x profits in fact 80 to 97 Percent of the people lose money with Short-term trading that's what gurus Don't tell you in today's video I will Show you my recommendations if you want To use binance Futures Trading but first When you want to start making money on Buying is using any method future Trading Auto invest what where I already Earned more than 1 100 profits or any Other method you need to create an Account with this one person free and I Will leave your link in description and Also in the pinned comment where you can Get up to 600 worth of trading bonuses And this is perfect for you if you are Planning to do any trading because this Is specifically a bonus for trading as

You can see on binance registration Based on normal bonus is up to 100 usdt Through my link you can get up to 600 USD so it's six times better bonus for New users so you sign up for 100 free no Investments required either using your Phone number email address Google Account to Apple ID all medals are free Just to give you an example here signing Up with the phone number you choose it Right here and you can see that this Works worldwide in Africa is America Europe all around the world even in India you can sign up perfectly then you Will enter your phone number right here You will create a strong password my Referral code enables you for the best Bonus which is automatically You tap the box right here you click Here create personal account and you Will be inside Finance for free once you Are inside buyers and you want to redeem Your welcome bonuses you will get them Right here on the task Center and Reward Center I will show you click by click Here in my playlist earn money or Binance and hear how to create binance Account tutorial 600 binance referral Code but today we are going to talk About binance Futures Trading and I will Specifically answer first your questions People often ask me in the comments hey Robert I have ten dollars what should I Do with it how should I trade with my

Ten dollars on finance some people ask Hey I have 100 what should I do with Where should I invest so some people say I have one thousand or ten thousand Dollars what should I do with it and now I will give you my suggestions before I Tell you that directly I want to give You a disclaimer this is not Finance Advice not investment advice simply my Personal opinion based on years of Experiences of this industry and of Experience of making thousands of Dollars worth of profits with a trading The first step may surprise you and that Is get a sustainable income stream that Is not related to trading let me just Illustrate you this from my own example So you can see that I'm doing some Trading right here on all of these Platforms even on buy bit with one trade More than five thousand dollar profit But my livelihood doesn't depend on the Trading activities on any way so even if I would lose these trades that wouldn't Change my life in a single way because Just to give you an example right here I'm much more using this earn account Where I have 51 000 I'm earning more Money automatically so in the same way If you have only 100 so only one Thousand dollars the first thing you Should think about is getting reliable Income stream something sustainable and Trading is not the first thing that you

Should think about if you only have one Hundred dollars one option of course to Get that income stream is here on buy Bit as I saw on earn money will buy a Bit here on affiliate program you can Get money for 100 free automatically and Also on binance you can make money for 100 free here in the referral section But the point is that get a sustainable Income so your livelihood doesn't depend On any way on your trading activities That's the first step then the second Step is that make sure that you are Doing DCA with Bitcoin regularly let me Explain you what DCA mean and why you Set it up before going into Futures Trading so here for example when you Come to binance you will find this Auto Invest here on earn and auto invest Section here you will be able to set up Your auto invest plans here you will be Getting more and more Bitcoin Automatically and you can see I have Earned more than 1100 usdt with this Spot and here more than 61 busd with This spot you can also set up those Bots For example on buy bit here on the Trading bot section or on cool coin the Platform doesn't matter the most Important thing is that you are doing Bit Bitcoin DCA in other words you get More Bitcoin regularly the reason why This Bitcoin DCA is so important it Enables you for the Financial Freedom so

The first step getting a sustainable Income stream is that you have a good Living you can live well and you don't Need to worry about money now the Second Step which is doing Bitcoin DCA enables You for the finance of freedom because You know that Bitcoin has gone all the Way from 0.1 dollars to one dollar ten Dollars one hundred dollars one thousand Dollars and thousand dollars now we're Now recording this video is already more Than 23 000 possibly going towards one Hundred thousand one million 10 million So on and so forth so now with Bitcoin DCA you guarantee that you get more Bitcoin regularly instead of just once Or twice for example when it goes higher Lower whatever you get it regularly and For example when you type on Google Bitcoin DCA calculator you will be able To calculate how much money you would Have let's take you a simple example if You have been doing in Bitcoin DCA let's Say last nine years for ten dollars a Day now you have more than 1.3 million Dollars so you understand that bills for Your final self Freedom even for the Seven years now you would have almost 400 000 almost half a million dollars so That's why getting more Bitcoin Regularly for example every day every Week or for example every month it's so Important and you can do that here on The binance earn section and here on

Auto invest accumulate more Bitcoin and Auto pilot I saw your details from my Playlist earn money on buyers and hear How to use binance trading bot and now Once you have done those two steps so You have a sustainable income second you Are doing Bitcoin DCS you're acquiring More and more Bitcoin regularly then Only after that I recommend that you Start even thinking about Futures Trading and here is my recommendation For Futures Trading start trading with a Small amount of your portfolio maximum Is five percent but can be all also list For example if you have one thousand Dollars in Bitcoin then you start future Trading with fifty dollars maximum can Be also less if you have ten thousand Dollars you start future trading maximum With five hundred dollars if you have One hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin You start future trading with maximum Five thousand but can be also less like Three thousand two thousand but maximum Five percent this means that you will Have small or almost no risk at all and Now when we move to binus Features Trading or binance future trading or Storm gain there are of course many Different strategies for example if you Want really Ultra short-term trading You'd associate 15 minutes you'll see Short terms starts and you can do even Scalping it means that you are day

Trading it means that you are trading Actively second option is of course Following Trends taking advantage of the Trends when things are going higher or Lower whatever the trends may be third Option is of course heading so you Reduce the risk of your existing Portfolio but in your case that may not Be necessary because you are just Getting more and more Bitcoin regularly First threads is of course doing Arbitrars and this can be good if you Have already a lot of capital available Because you can take advantage of the Price differences you can see here Quarterly Futures on binus and the price For Bitcoin is more than 23 400 but if We take a look at Perpetual filters on Buy bit you can see it's 23 240 so it's much slower and also here in A binance spot you can see 23 250 Meanwhile Futures with delivery date are Twenty three thousand four hundred Seventy so you can take advantage of the Price differences and earn always a Little bit of more money the more Capital you have available for that the Bigger profits you can do of course but Also that requires time and basis and Then the fifth option is position Trading and this is actually what I am Doing myself and I will show you how I Do it but if you are enjoying this video So far and you like that I saw you how

To do trading and make money on buyers Remember smash that the like button for This video and share this video with Your friends who also want to get a Financial Freedom and now what's the Best way to turn 100 into ten thousand Dollars as I said in the beginning most People lose money with short-term Trading 99.99 of the viewers are not Going to turn 100 into 10 000 but what Would be my strategy if I would want to Do it what about scalping what about Doing this really short-term trading Every 15 minutes or every one hour Personally I don't like that because It's really time consuming and you need To stereo scream a lot of time simply Looking at the charts so there are much Easier methods for me what about Following short-term Trends well that's Also one possible strategy but it also Requires a lot of skills and you will Also experience some losses along the Way so never expect that 100 of your Trades would be on profits because That's never Possible arbitrust Trading Is also a possible strategy see and Sometimes I have been doing some sort of Arbitrust trading and profits here on Binance trade section here on binus Peer-to-peer there you can also make Money with that but the easiest method That I'm also personally doing is Persistent trading you can see for

Example here with one trade I have Earned more than one thousand dollars Same with buy bit with just one trade I Earned more than five thousand two Hundred dollars and here with one trade I earned more than three thousand seven Hundred dollars and that is position Trading what does it mean it means that I take a position and I hold that Position for weeks and possibly even Months so I don't need to sit in front Of my screen I simply open the trade I Go to sleep I go to lay down on the Beats I go to spend time with my loved Ones I go to the church I go to do all Kinds of fun activities and meanwhile This trade makes profits for me and That's why I personally like position Trading I don't need to spend time in Front of my screen I simply collect the Profits whenever I want now let's make Some calculations if you want to turn 100 into ten thousand dollars what would It require here on a binance Futures Trading same of course applies also to Buy a bit of storm gain we are of course Longing Bitcoin so when it comes to Binance we click here buy long when it Comes to buy bit we also click buy long And you have already seen the price History it has gone all the way from 0.1 Dollar to more than twenty thousand Dollars but let's use twenty five Thousand dollars price for Bitcoin as

Our base price for calculations to make This easier and if the price for Bitcoin Is different pilot have you are watching This I will also tell you what to do so The starting price for Bitcoin let's say 25 000 if that costs 10x it goes from 25 250. 20x would pay from 25 to 500 000 Then the market cap of Bitcoin and gold Would be more or less the same but of Course Bitcoin is much better than gold So it's probably going much much higher Than that when Bitcoin goes to 825 000 that would be 33x starting from 25. 50x would be 1 million 250 000 100 x would be 2.5 million for its Bitcoin all right now we have those Numbers we have those calculations and Now if you want to turn 100 into 10 000 If you put 100 into Bitcoin when the Price is 25 000 with 5x leverage so here let me show You and buy bit you can choose 5x Leverage uh choosing this one you can See right here that I'm using currently And on binance let me just give you an Example here we will be able to choose 5x leverage so when Bitcoin goes to 500 000 we have done the 20x and when we are Using 5x leverage it means at 5x times 20x is 100 so we have done 100x our Money so we have turned 100 into ten Thousand dollars minus the fees of Course or plaster interface depending if

You got positive funding fee or negative Funding fee but that is just a simple Example another example is if you start From a 25k and a Bitcoin goes to 250k You did 10x and in that case if you Would be using 10x leverage then again You have made 100x your money but Personally I recommend trading maximum With 5x leverage and that's what I'm Also doing myself another option is of Course if you are trading with 3x Leverage as I'm showing let me show you This one is with 3x leverage so if Bitcoin goes from 25k to 825k then it Goes up 33x and then with the 3x it Would be more or less 100x 99x to be Accurate but in that case as well it Would turn 100 into 9900 dollars all right now we got those Numbers now if you're saying what if Bitcoin price is different by the time You are watching this then your price Targets substances for example if you're Using that 5x leverage and you want to 100x your money if you are starting from 10 000 for one Bitcoin then the target Is 200 000. if you are starting from 50 000 then the target is one million if You're starting for 100 000 price for One Bitcoin then the target is 2 million So the target is simple math it's pure Math it's nothing else and now if you're Asking hey but I want to make money Faster should I take more leverage than

5x for example 10x or 20x or 30 extra 40 Or 50x and the answer is it's not Recommended even with 5x leverage that You can see right here you will likely Get liquidated unless you buy close to The bottom let me just give you here Again the chart you see that oftentimes Bitcoin does this more than twenty Percent drop so the best time for you to Buy would be of course close to the Bottom like I have done right here I Bought close to the bottom so the Liquidation price is so low the thing is That if you buy close to the top and You're doing position trading the Chances are that you will get liquidated Of course if you're just trading with a Small amount of your portfolio then you Can again open a new position and then It will be closer from the bottom and You can basically repeat that process as Many times until you are close to the Bottom that's what I'm doing here on Story that's how I met more than 3770 Dollars actually 400 percent free here Because I earn money for free by trading Here and using the miner but in any case Bitcoin DCA is the safest method and That is in my personal opinion a path to Finance our freedom and you can do it Here on bonus Auto in West I will show You click by click it right here how to Use binance trading but crypto trading Bot tutorial you will find it on my

Playlist earn money on bonus and you and Me my friend we are going to see in this Video immediate

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