$25 To $30 Per Hour, Non Phone Remote. Work From Home Jobs 2023!

Hey there in today's video I'm going to show you 
two work from home jobs paying between 25 and 30   Dollars per hour now neither of these jobs require 
you to be on the phone with customers so that is a   Plus if you're ready for that then go ahead hit 
that like button all right now let's get right   Into it all right so this company we're looking 
at is Loom you can find the job over at loom.com   This is a video communication platform they help 
teams across businesses communicate through video   I've actually used this before it's very nice tool 
you can explain things to people better just by   Recording a little video giving them a little 
screen share of exactly what you want them to   Do and things like that that's why it's easy to 
use this with individuals that have businesses   And stuff like that so you will find this over 
at loom.com if you scroll down to the bottom   Of the page we're gonna go over and click on one 
word says careers now this is their careers page   They talk more about the company their values 
their teams the things that they believe in   And everything if you scroll down further you 
will see the open positions and actually the   One we're looking at today is the first one the 
customer experience Advocate one this is going   To be an entry level position that pays pretty 
well so we're going to go ahead and take a look   At this one right over here over here they explain 
more about the role this role is a part of their   International support team focused on providing 
a world-class 24 7 support experience to all Loom   Users they are The Advocates of loom to their 
customers and The Advocates of their customers   At Loom so you'll be responsible for supporting 
customers via email zendesk black and social media   Will help them resolve issues they encounter 
with their platform while proactively finding   Ways to enhance their Loom experience they take 
every opportunity to connect with their customers   Through the power of video and to help them be 
successful with loom and this is great because   It's a need to be on the phone with people it's 
mainly going to be social media email and things   Like that so here we are with the responsibilities 
for the job you need to develop customer   Relationships that promote retention and loyalty 
help customers via email Loom and occasionally   Live video Zoom to ensure they are successful with 
their product troubleshoot support inquiries to   Quickly identify any issues actively Monitor 
and engage with additional support channels   Such as slack and social media for providing 
assistance wherever Loom customers partners and   Teammates seeking help you'll work closely with 
the success and sales team to ensure successful   Customer retention you'll serve as the advocate of 
the customer by actively documenting insights to   Share internally with the product team provide 
personalized support participate in building   Support at Loom audit and update any current 
supports resources so this is what they're looking   For as far as experience okay they're looking for 
one plus year of experience working and customer   Support customer success or any other customer 
client facing role so basically if you've worked   Anywhere with customers for one or more years 
then you qualify experience delivering excellent  

Support with curiosity empathy and advocacy for 
the customer experience an advocate dedicated to   Taking ownership in their role and sees every 
challenge as an opportunity experience with   Zendesk or equivalent support platform or other 
communication platforms like black and that's   Also something that you can learn as well you need 
to be a self-starter who was capable of working   Independently and remotely with a distributed 
team experience working with targets excellent   Time management skills now these three are bonuses 
so if you have a great video presence and love   Engaging with customers through video but that's 
just a bonus you don't really need that experience   Supporting SAS product and familiarity with SSO 
another bonus experience analyzing data Trends   And customer information reports to identify 
growth opportunities so those three are just   Bonuses and these are going to be your benefits 
okay these are the perks that Loom competitive   Compensation and Equity package comprehensive 
medical dental vision coverage for employees   Independents 14 paid company holidays plus summer 
break and July and winter break in December so   That is really nice flexible spending account 
health care reimbursement for international   Employees life short-term long-term disability 
insurance 401K Wellness stipends unlimited PTO   Paid parental leave remote work opportunities 
professional development reimbursement home office   And Technology reimbursement so that is nice now 
you get freedom and flexibility at this company   They believe that work is an act not a place 
so this is a fully remote job you can choose to   Work from home while you travel they are able to 
hire across the U.S and are continuing to expand   Their International presence so you are free to 
move within a country without any adjustment to   Compensation then you can read more here about 
how they work and then you can scroll down here   To apply for this job now let's go ahead and take 
a look at what this drop pays all right so Loom is   Over at glassdoor.com you can come over here to 
this website and check out the reviews I looked   Up the salary for a customer experience Advocate 
and according to glassdoor.com and the salaries   That were submitted it is about 52 433 dollars per 
year and also if you look at the other customer   Support rep salaries here between 54 and 55 000 
per year basically so that is what we're looking   At here with loom and you will find this one over 
at loom.com all right my friend so the next one   I'm going to show you is for WP all import and 
they don't actually have a careers page or drop   Page link on their website but I'm gonna take you 
right to that and also if you go below I'm going   To go ahead and tell you where you can go for 
this it's going to be WP allimport.com forward   Slash hiring so I will list this page below so 
you can go ahead and take a look now they have a   Worldwide 60k per year job 30 dollars per hour and 
you can also work full-time 40 hours per week now   Their team is 100 remote and distributed across 
the world your main responsibility is to reply to   Customers asking for help with WP all export and 
wpo import you need to love to help customers and   Be able to keep it friendly even when dealing with 
difficult customers you need to enjoy the whole  

Process of turning anxious confused or angry 
customers into Happy ones and you must be an   Excellent writer this job now is very flexible 
now they're a small team but they try to give   Everyone as much flexibility as possible and this 
means that you can work in the mornings or in the   Evenings or both or in the middle of the night or 
whatever okay it means that you can take two weeks   Off to go on a trip and it means you can wake up 
and decide you don't feel like working and take   The day off without telling anyone so that is 
pretty nuts that is really nice flexibility now   They have some videos and some information over 
here linked so you can go ahead and check that   Out they say that these do a good job describing 
how they work so you can go ahead and find out   All about that watch the video that way you don't 
have to read anything you can just watch a video   So for this your responsibilities you respond 
to customers support inquiries adding to and   Improving their documentation aggregating customer 
feedback and assisting them with development slash   Product roadmap decisions writing concise 
bug reports based on support tickets testing   Development versions of wpl Import and Export 
developing add-ons for WP all import now these   Are going to be your requirements okay so they 
say that the only thing they care about is the   Ability to provide high quality customer support 
you don't have to have all of these okay as long   As you have some basic ones the most important 
ones then you're good okay they don't expect you   To have everything a lot of the stuff you can 
learn also they do need you to have a minimum   Availability of 30 hours per week they need 
Flawless written English expert level WordPress   Knowledge extensive experience with WordPress 
including troubleshooting debugging plug-in   Development and WordPress database structure at 
least intermediate level PHP knowledge fasted   Hands-On learner able to quickly become familiar 
with their software and learn new things about   WordPress PHP and related Technologies so a lot of 
the stuff you can learn on the job okay with their   Training experience with woocommerce familiarity 
with XML and CSV file formats and XPath debugging   And troubleshooting WordPress themes and plug 
Ends by looking into their code and the database   Ability to produce tutorial videos and to apply 
you just have to go ahead and do what they tell   You here they basically want you to fill this 
stuff out writing examples and things like that   They want your relevant skills and experience 
right over here and you can click on the links   Over here to find out exactly what you can do how 
you can do it and things like that so basically   They give you some examples of what you would be 
doing and they will see if you are right for the   Job this way okay so this one is going to be at 
WP allimport.com forward slash hiring so I hope   You found this video helpful thank you so much for 
watching and I'm gonna see you in the next one bye

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