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Welcome welcome to another video today I have 
a three online job opportunities the first one   Is going to be a worldwide opportunity and the 
other two are us only so there's a little bit   Of something for everyone to see if these are for 
you go ahead hit that thumbs up button so we can   Continue all right now let's get right into it 
so the first one we're taking a look at here is   For podia and the website is podia.com to find the 
jobs so podia is basically a platform for creators   Where they can build websites the online courses 
and digital products and host their communities   On here now they have been hiring on and off for 
this position in the past few months and they have   Just posted this position again to find the job 
we're looking for we're gonna go scroll down to   The bottom click on jobs this is where you'll be 
able to find some of their benefits more about the   Company and their jobs so you can definitely have 
a look at that they have retirement benefits they   All also offers some health care dental vision 
paid vacation and sick days flexible spending   Account unlimited therapy paid holidays Paid 
Family Leave another cool thing is that if you   Find yourself in the same city as a teammate you 
can expense up to a hundred dollars per person   Immediate family two for dinner or any other 
activity that you guys want to do together so   If you scroll down you'll see the two positions 
that are available and this is the one we're   Looking at today creators support agents and this 
position they still need people for this and this   Is going to be for Tuesday through Saturday 
Eastern Time 9 A.M to 6 p.m so as long as you   Can work these hours over here some of what you 
will do build solid foundation in their products   Respond courteously effectively and quickly via 
chat and email to Creator questions troubleshoot   And log bug reports with their developers my 
great creators who need help switching over   From other platforms provide feedback to support 
leadership on opportunities now these are the   Requirements you need really really good writing 
skills you need the ability to meet people where   They are you can take screenshots and record 
videos for creators like a boss time management   And organizational skills problem solving and 
Technical troubleshooting support experience and   They don't specify on how many years of support 
experience or anything like that now these down   Here are just pluses so if you have and or sold an 
online course before or digital downloader you've   Had a community before if you have experience with 
help desk software tools like linear Zoom Basecamp   And slack if you have experience working remotely 
and access to a stable internet connection if you   Have worked with digital creators before now I 
would say you definitely need a stable internet   Connection everything else down here is basically 
a plus then he here they're talking about some   Of their benefits again they're talking all about 
their benefits in this section the hiring process   So you can definitely check this out I will 
link this below and just apply here for this job   According to glassdoor.com their creator support 
Agent salary for podia is 48 637 dollars per year   So that is about twenty three dollars per hour 
and that's what we're working with and once again  

Their website is podia.com all right my friends 
so the next one is for Zillow zillow.com is their   Website if you want to come straight over to their 
career page it is zillow.com forward slash careers   For more information about working for Zillow now 
this is the position we are looking for on this   Website this is the customer care advocate for 
rentals and this is going to be remote us only   Over here they talk about the role they're looking 
for a highly motivated customer care Advocate to   Join their customer care rentals team right over 
here is going to be your day-to-day what you'll be   Doing one of the things you'll be responsible for 
is handle high volume of customer inquiries via   Email and phone they talk right here about the 
salary for Nevada New York Washington based on   The pay range for this role 1850 to 29.50 hourly 
they say that in addition to a competitive salary   This position also eligible for Equity Awards 
based on factors such as experience performance   And location so these are going to be your 
requirements candidates should have at least   Two years experience in a customer service or 
Communications role you must see customer service   As vital to the success of an organization problem 
solving skills High degree of ownership and   Commitment experience using various channels for 
delivering customer support including phone and   Email excellent Communications and interpersonal 
skills able to work effectively and efficiently   With customers who have varying degrees of product 
and Technical proficiency previous experiences in   Desk or other CRM software Excellence problem 
solving skills a quick and flexible learner   Experience in real estate advertising internet and 
or media environments is preferred resourceful and   Savvy with database searches internet searches and 
finding new ways to solve issues so that is about   Them that is what they want from you according 
to glassdoor.com this is the average in the US   About fifty six thousand dollars per year and 
that is for Zillow customer care Advocate one   So that average is about 26 dollars per hour 
they do have some information so you can get   An idea right here in the job description as well 
so somewhere in between that amount you'll find   This one over at zillow.com forward slash careers 
so the next one is for Webster bank.com they are   Looking for a contact center associate remote 
location Nationwide in the US the hourly pay   Is between 1850 50 and 22 dollars per hour right 
now they have several open positions available in   Their contact center the applicant should be 
flexible to work a varied schedule including   Days evenings weekends Webster Bank provides a 
dynamic career progression model that supports   Professional development career advancements so 
that is really nice your job responsibilities are   Over here you will act as the voice of Webster 
handling over the phone interactions with the   Goal of providing exceptional service to customer 
business customers exhibit behaviors outlined in   Their core service standards ability to multitask 
utilize communication and problem solving skills   Demonstrate ability and adaptability to handle 
day-to-day challenges adhere to compliance   Procedures and internal slash operational 
risk controls in accordance with any and all  

Applicable regulatory standards requirements 
and policies now this is your education and   Experience you need high school diploma GED is 
required Direct Customer Service experience in   Person customer facing work experience or call 
center experience so either or and they don't   Specify how many years you need or anything 
so as long as you've had experience directly   Interacting with customers proven customer service 
skills strong professional interpersonal skills   Utilize communication and problem solving skills 
to effectively communicate and service customers   Using telephone working knowledge of Windows based 
PC and processing skills email internet intranet   Etc strong listening skills accurate data 
entry skills knowledgeable in Microsoft   Office Suite excellent verbal and written 
communication skills possess the ability   To maintain the strictest confidentiality of 
company and customer information excellent   Organizational skills with attention to 
detail ability to work with a diverse work   Force and customer base strong commitment 
to achieving personal growth and success   Apply right down here and hopefully found this 
helpful if you did go ahead and give this video   A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to stay up 
to date on these jobs and thank you for watching

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