How to Make Money with ChatGPT as a TOTAL BEGINNER (Copy and Paste This Method)

What's up guys in today's video I want To show you how to make a thousand Dollars a day on YouTube using chair GPT Take a look at this channel KT choreo 192 000 subscribers and I'm going to Show you in this video how you can Replicate the success of this YouTube Channel this channel puts out a lot of Simple shorts videos take a look at this One here that says seven healthy Breakfast ideas it has had 155 000 views these kind of videos are very Simple to make because basically there Is no face you don't need to be in this Video you just need to show the footage Of certain breakfast ideas or food ideas And perhaps put some of your own voice Comment there on top and in general These sorts of videos get a lot of views Look at this healthy snack idea 355 000 Views best 10 easy healthy snack combos 5.5 million views a lot of these videos Don't actually have people's faces in it So if you're shy on camera you can Totally do this method so how do you Make money with these kind of videos and How much money can you make in general Whenever someone is watching a video Like this they will very frequently go And check out the description of the Video so they will go here and they will Take take a look at the description and They'll see what kind of things the Creator may have mentioned in the video

Or maybe any resources that they've got Linked and so the maths is I know from My experience and from talking to others That about one percent of all viewers Will end up clicking one of the links in The description so if this video has had 155 000 views it means that approximately 1 500 people have actually clicked one of These links in the description and in This Niche like healthy breakfast Healthy snacks Niche you can very easily Promote some really good offers on ClickBank if you register an account on ClickBank and check the health and Fitness category you can see that there Are some crazy offers like this one LP Lean is very very popular it's Converting very well you can see the Gravity score is 1572. in General on ClickBank anything Over 20 is great and this one has got a Gravity score of 1572 and this offer pays 138 dollars per sale so basically if you Make a video like this and you go to ClickBank and you grab your affiliate Link to promote LP lean you can then put Your affiliate link into the description Here of this video and about one percent Of your viewers are going to be clicking This link and in general ClickBank Offers of this type converted about one Dollar per click so for this video 155

000 views about 1 500 clicks and about One dollar per click that means that This little video this little short 60 Second video has probably made about one And a half thousand dollars for the Creator and if any of your videos go Viral like this one here 355 000 views or this one here which has got 5.5 million viewers you can obviously Calculate how much money potential Actually these kind of videos can Actually make for you in general guys Shorts are crazy powerful the reason why I am suggesting this strategy to do with Shorts videos is because shorts can just Get millions of views I mean if you open Pretty much any of the YouTubers that Are doing shorts and take a look at Their shorts and sort by popular you Will see this particular YouTuber Actually posts a lot of shorts where she Does not even show her face and look how Many shorts have got over 1 million Views this one has 4.3 million 2.4 Million 1.9 million views and it works In any Niche I have been making YouTube Shorts videos myself and if we're going To even my recent shorts you will see That in my Niche a lot of shorts have Had hundreds of thousands of views so I've had a shot here with 686 000 views 130 000 views 203 000 views And even one short with 918 000 views about to hit 1 million views

So step number one is to decide on your Niche what your YouTube channel is going To be about out and in this video I'm Actually going to give you examples that Have got to do with health and fitness And kind of like healthy eating and Weight loss Niche so Step One is Basically to decide your Niche and if You want to follow along with this video Then let's just take the example of the Health and fitness Niche but if you Would like to go into a different Niche Perhaps you've already got a YouTube Channel then one of the things that you Can do is go into ClickBank and then Just investigate some of the top offers In the ClickBank Marketplace so in the Left hand side go through the different Categories and check what kind of Products you can promote what kind of Products I've got high gravity score so Gravity score of over 20 in general is a Really good gravity score it means that There are there is a lot of interest Towards the products in this Niche and That you can do really well in this kind Of Niche so as an example I can see here There is a skincare orphan ClickBank so That might give you an idea that Skincare is actually a really good Potential niche and gravity score for This product is 20 and you could Actually build a YouTube channel and Publish shorts around skincare

Everything that's good to do with Skincare and then you can promote this Product but yeah for the purposes of This video today let's just go with the Niche of healthy snacks and weight loss Step number two is to decide on the Topic of the video that you want to make And for that you will need to do a Little bit of research just go on to YouTube and watch some of the videos Google for some of the videos that are Relating to your Niche for example if You type in healthy snack ideas and just Do a search scroll down and look at what Kind of shots you can see you can scroll Through and get some ideas for what kind Of content actually does well so you can Watch some of these videos and then you Can actually go into the channel of the Creator go to shorts and take a look at The most popular videos and then have a Look at what kind of ideas for videos You can get from here because if this Video has done well for them then there Is no reason why if you make a similar Video or in a better video you can't do Equally well and very soon you will Notice that there is a pattern for Example here we've got healthy food Recipes healthy food recipe what I eat In a day healthy snack idea so all of These kind of videos about healthy snack Ideas and best foods to eat are great Ideas for YouTube shorts videos so now

That we know let's say we've decided to Make a video about seven healthy Breakfast ideas as the very first video On our Channel now we can move on to the Next step and actually start producing This video step three creating the Actual video today I'm going to show you How to create a video using the in video Software but you can absolutely use any Other video creator software that you Would like within video in particular The thing that I really like is that They have a lot of footage and audio and Music that are already included that you Can use as your own so that makes your Process of creating the video a very Simple and very quick and of course time Is money so if you can save time then It's absolutely worth it and you can Start on a free plan for in video to Sign up for a free plan just make sure That you click the link in the Description below and use my link and Use my coupon code cb25 which will then Allow you to upgrade to a Premium plan With a discount but you can start for Free and then just get a feel for this Software and then if you think you like It you can then later upgrade either to A monthly or a yearly plan yearly plan Is 15 but if you use my coupon code cb25 Like this so just go over here and type In cb25 and click apply then you will See that you can save 25 so basically

Then it works out to be about 11 and 30 Cents a month after you've signed up Doing video this is a dashboard that You're going to see and at the top you Will want to create new and click editor And then choose portrait because you Want to create this vertical looking Video you will see the editor interface That looks like this it's quite simple To use basically everything all the menu Options are on the left hand side so you Can search for included videos and Included images and included music and It's literally everything is drag and Drop so if you wanted to go into videos And then type in something like avocado Let's say Um you will see that you are able to use Footage of avocados so there's going to Be videos of avocados that are there for You and you are able to reuse so if you Want to talk about avocados for example Being a really good and healthy snack You can take these videos and just drag And drop them here into the timeline and This footage of avocado has now been Added so I can grab it and resize it for Example if I wanted to show it like this More centered okay now we've got this Footage of avocado basically that we can Use as our own in this video so if you Wanted to kind of recreate your own Version of this video that you already Know has done very well seven healthy

Breakfast ideas I'm going to show you a Little trick that hopefully you will Find useful I've recently discovered it Myself so this shorts video will Actually have a link here at the top It'll say like this Shorts slash and then it will have the Kind of internal YouTube code of this Video so from here what you can do is Just open any normal video on YouTube Like this I've just got like a tennis Video on YouTube here and see where it's Got watch and then question Mark and then V equals so this part over Here Let's let me show you what happens if we Replace that with this part from short So just go copy over here and we will Delete this and we will paste so let's Just delete all of this and then we will Paste that code from the short into this URL and you will see that this actually Opens the shorts video in the normal Kind of interface not in the short speed But just in your normal YouTube watch Interface and this has got a pretty cool Advantage because you can basically Scroll through the video okay so you can Go back you can go forward so you can Really have much better control of what Part of the video you want to look at That's first of all secondly you can Click these three dots and where it says Show transcript you can actually show

The transcript of the video so this is Everything that this person is saying in The video and you can you can select it You can copy and paste it any way you Want and you can just read this script Out in your own voice or maybe change a Few things and read it out in your own Voice but it's very convenient because Then you can kind of download the Underlying transcript of this video one Other way that you guys can generate the Scripts for YouTube shorts videos is Using chair gbt just go over to and register your Account and from here you can instruct GPT to write this script for you so if You want the video to be about seven Healthy breakfast ideas we can instruct Chat GPT to do that for us you can say Write me a YouTube short script about 7 Healthy breakfast ideas and chair GPT is Actually going to write it for you and Chat GPD has actually written a unique Script for a YouTube short video for you If you don't like this for whatever Reason you can just write and request it To rephrase so you can give it a command Just say rephrase and it will rewrite it In slightly different words rephrase the Whole script okay and now it will just Write it in a in a different way or Using different words in different Sentences thus make it kind of more Unique or just giving you a different

Version of it so you should do that read This out in your own voice so that You've actually got your own unique Audio that you can use for YouTube Shorts video so then you can use this Uploads interface and upload your Voiceover I've just recorded a short Voice over just to demonstrate to how This might work so let's go and drag and Drop okay like this I just dragged and Dropped the voiceover that I've recorded Just on my phone and you can use this as The foundation for your video so let's Just drag and drop that into the Timeline and here at the bottom we can Kind of see where I am saying different Things okay so uh just to preview it you Can position the cursor over here and You'll probably hear what I'm saying How's the breakfast number one is Avocado toast and a poached egg okay so You can just trim off all the parts that You don't want so we can position our Cursor here and click cut okay and then Just select this portion and click Delete and we can then then slide this First bit over here to zero seconds so That it's all aligned with the start of The video and since this beat is about Healthy breakfast number one is avocado Toast and a poached egg so now we need To create the footage of this avocado Toast and poached egg and this is where You can go into the videos and the

Images and try to find these avocado Toast and poached egg footage and here We've actually got the footage of this I've typed in avocado toast and egg okay And here we got multiple options for Footage of this exact thing this is why I'm saying uh in video actually can save You so much time and make it so Convenient to create these kind of Videos Okay so let's take this avocado Toast and poached egg and just drag and Drop that over here and we can just Click add let's just align this all Together all right and uh we'll want to Make this probably a little bit bigger So let's just change the size and make Sure that this is fitting into Uh this over here all right like this uh And let's just play this all together so You can see how it looks healthy Breakfast number one is avocado toast And a poached egg Okay so we can actually put a cut over Here next so once we've positioned the Cursor uh click cut so cut this and We'll want to also then cut this and Then we can delete these bits that we Don't actually want so let's click Delete click delete and then grab the Next bit of my voiceover so we can see That the next one starts over here on The right so let's just preview this Next we've got protein pancakes with Sugar-free syrup and almonds okay so

Let's put a cut Just over here like this we'll cut that Okay we will also want to cut the video Above Like this press cut so now I'm going to Press delete okay delete this bit that We don't want bring that over here and Now we just need to find the actual Video for this So let's just stretch this over to Indicate that our video goes over this Whole thing and we need to find the Video or images of next we've got Protein pancakes with sugar-free syrup And almonds so pancakes with syrup and Almonds okay let's do this so just to Show you something different let's use Images now so on the left hand side I've Chosen images and look we've got an Image of pancake with almonds which is Again very good and will save you a lot Of time as you're trying to create this So you can use pretty much any of these Like for example we can grab maybe this One just place that over here and you Will see this is the image all right so The image is now loaded we just need to Resize it and you will see for some of Them that there is this prompt to remove Them Watermark because we're using kind Of like one of the Premium plan uh Images you obviously can find images That don't have this premium tag on them And you can use those but let's just use

This one because it looks nice all right So let's just increase this all right And here what we can see is the pancakes With the almonds this goes perfectly With my voice over again we just need to Trim off the part that we now don't want Okay so let's just delete this let's Click here and delete this and we don't Need this media over here anymore so We're going to delete that as well and Let's just play all of this together and See what we have created healthy Breakfast number one is avocado toast And a poached egg next we've got protein Pancakes with sugar-free syrup and Almonds so it's looking pretty good now You can actually add some animation to It because now it's just like a static Image but we can go into animation and What we can say is in type let's say we Wanted to slide in perhaps from the left Okay and we want that to take about okay One second is fine while it's in place We wanted to zoom in okay and for out We'll leave none so let's just see how That looks now egg next we've got Protein pancakes with sugar-free syrup And almonds so did you see how now we've Got this slide in first of all and we Also have this kind of zooming motion so Even though it's a photo but it looks Dynamic and it looks really cool then we Will probably want to add some text just So that the viewer actually knows what

We're saying so let's just go into text And there is some pre-made text Typography that you can actually use and Again it's going to save you a lot of Time you can use any of these pre-made Texts just to keep things simple uh Let's grab this and drop that over here And we want it to appear at the very Start okay so this now created kind of Like a separate layer so for this we Will want to move it perhaps to the top And let's just actually write what this Is so here on the left hand side I can Now say avocado toast And then and and egg okay like this And so we've now got avocado toast and Egg and this is of course is looking Really nice and professional all right So let's just now do the same thing for For the second part so let's just right Click click duplicate and then we can Just drag and drop that over here to Align with our second thing which is Pancakes with almond so we just need to Change what it actually says so it's Let's say pancakes and And then in blue we will say almonds Like this all right and now we've got Everything together so let's just apply It again to see our kind of final Product of these two snacks healthy Breakfast number one is avocado toast And a poached egg next we've got protein Pancakes with sugar-free syrup and

Almonds okay so now you can see that This is actually looking really Professional really Dynamic and really Attractive so you can continue building Out your shorts video like this it has To be up to 60 seconds long for it to be Considered a YouTube shorts video once You're happy with these just go and Click the export option and it will Allow you to export your video Once the Video has finished exporting you will be Able to download it from a screen like This and now you're ready to actually Upload it to your YouTube channel so get Over into your YouTube channel I'm here Inside my dashboard for one of my Secondary channels and click onto create Upload videos and from here you can drag And drop your video and while it's Uploading uh you need to fill out all of These details critical thing that you Must fill out correctly is the title of The video you will want to insert the Most important keywords so here we've Got seven healthy breakfast ideas so you Want to insert something like that in Here as well so let's say we will make It maybe six six healthy breakfast ideas Okay just to make a little bit different And then you will want to mention that Same thing in the description the reason Why we're doing this is because this way You're telling YouTube the exact Keywords that what your video is about

So that it is able to match your video With people who have previously been Interested in this kind of topics and in This kind of videos okay so something Like this here are the best six healthy Breakfast ideas that are yummy and quick To make you should also then scroll down And where it says more okay so click Here show more and you will want to then Fill out the tags so also insert the Tags into this field as well so put in Healthy snack ideas as a tag healthy Breakfast ideas so basically put in as Many keywords and different variations As you can possibly think of that are Relevant to your video last thing that You will want to do is you will want to Insert the link to the affiliate product That you're promoting which is very very Important remember what we talked about Here once someone watches the video a Lot of people will actually click the Description and will start clicking on The links in the description you will Want to insert these kind of links in Here as well if you decide to promote LP Lean in your videos then you can click This button that says promote and that Will help you generate your tracking ID Okay so click create hop link and this Is going to be the link that you can Promote but the little problem that We've got is that this link looks kind Of ugly and looks really really long so

You can actually use a link shortening Server such as bitly and it's free to Make this link shorter and just look a Little bit better so grab this whole Link click copy and then get over into Your bitly dashboard click create new Link and that will then allow you to Create your link so paste the long link Over here and you can actually even Customize the back half so you can say Something like LP Lane YouTube let's see If that one is available 2023 okay Something like this let's click create Here in the bottom right And let's see if it gives us any errors No it hasn't given us any errors so now We've got this bitly slash Albion YouTube 2023 which kind of looks a lot Less spamia and if we test this link you Will see that this will now take us to This sales page via our affiliate ID URL So if now someone clicks on this link And ends up reading these and ends up Buying this alpilene supplement then we Will get paid a commission and of course The average payout for LP lean for Anyone who makes a purchase is 138 Dollars so it's a really nice commission So let's now insert that into the video Description and to do that just go into The description and basically say Something like learn a healthy weight Loss method and then just insert your Bitly link over here one thing that I

Will mention guys is that you should Make sure that you read YouTube's Community guidelines so just type into Google YouTube's Community guidelines And go and familiarize your yourself With these policies in particular the External links policy and pretty much All of them if you're going to be doing YouTube running business on YouTube you Should familiarize yourself with all of These and make sure that your external Links actually comply with this policy Don't link out to any scammy websites or You know sites that break any of these Examples and any of these rules because Then that can lead to your YouTube Channel getting shut down so just make Sure that you only promote offers that You personally believe in and that you Think are clean and safe to promote on Your YouTube channel well now you know a Cool way to make money on YouTube Creating these short simple videos if You'd like to download my free affiliate Marketing guide then just jump over to you can get my free Affiliate marketing guide where I Explain further various strategies that I personally use to make over twenty Five thousand dollars every single month Using affiliate marketing

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