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Hello welcome to this video about how to Make recurring commissions online Um thanks for checking out my channel Trying to build my subscribers so if you Don’t mind hit that subscribe button Also give me a thumbs up if you like it And take a look at some of the other Videos that I have on my site so let’s Jump over here what are we going to be Covering in this video well first of all Why recurring commissions uh what so What’s the big deal Um are they and are they harder to get Than regular commissions what type of Recurring programs you want to try to Find how to find recurring programs and Then I am going to show you some income Proof of how I use recurring Commissions In my online business to show you it Does work and it’s an important aspect To have to your online business so hold Tight and we’re going to jump in but First we’re just going to talk about why Our recurring commissions are important Well let’s think about it would you Rather have uh you know a one-time sale And earn a one-time commission but then No more money from that buyer or would You rather have monthly commissions Coming in from that one buyer every Month month after month after month okay So let’s say for example one buyer gets Is equivalent to a ten dollar commission Every single month

Let’s say you go out and you get 10 Buyers okay and they are each paying you Ten dollars a month well that’s a Hundred dollars per month recurring okay Um I should say per month recurring so Every month as long as they stay Subscribed to that ten dollar per month Subscription then you’re earning a Hundred dollars per month recurring from Those 10 buyers now what if say instead You go out and you get 10 buyers and They make a purchase that gives you a Ten dollar one-time commission well You’re going to have a hundred dollars Again From those 10 buyers and the 10 Commission but that’s a hundred dollars One time so would rather have 10 buyers So you’re getting the same 10 buyers Right in both scenarios in this scenario You’re getting 10 buyers and in this Scenario you’re getting 10 buyers so You’re not having to do more work to get More buyers the difference is these are Just one-time commissions which is nice Nobody you know nobody’s gonna Um you know turn down you know one-time Commissions but these are recurring so These 10 buyers are paying ten dollars a Month and that is a hundred dollars per Month recurring and so I’m going to show You some examples of the way I use Recurring programs in my online business And what make sure you watch to the end

Because I’m going to show you one of the Best recurring programs out there that Yeah I think you’re going to want to Take advantage of as well so Um let’s go so there we go what type of Recurring programs well things that are Subscription based right um and and Primarily things that people use online And that they need in an online business If you’re online you really should have Your own website which means you need a Domain name and you need hosting now a Lot of Hosting um affiliate programs are Not recurring some are so you could look For those recurring programs but some Offer a really nice one-time payment of Anywhere between 50 and 85 dollars one Time So not bad Email autoresponders are big people need Those and those are monthly recurring Subscriptions funnel Builders okay you See and this is why you see so many People promoting a very popular funnel Builder called click funnels which is a Good program but it’s also very Expensive but people promote it heavily Because of their it’s high cost and its Recurring affiliate program I’m going to Actually talk to you about a really nice Option that I just found as a funnel Builder that works really really well It’s a great product but it has a super Um a recurring affiliate program okay so


You want to find things like these Things that people need to use okay So that they’re going to continue to pay That monthly subscription and therefore You earn that recurring monthly Commission so how do you find these Programs well usually it’s just as Simple as Joining an affiliate program for Whatever you use so if you’re using Hosting if you’re buying your domains From namecheap or GoDaddy if you have an Email autoresponder use our funnel Builder most times they’re going to have Affiliate programs and so just join that Affiliate program or you can go to Google and type in email autoresponder Affiliate programs and you’ll see all The different ones come up and then you Just join okay so that’s how you can Find them so now let’s talk a little bit About some income proof so I’m going to Show you and the thing the first thing I’ll say is There I only promote things that I Either use myself in my own business or That I know are reputable Um because the people behind them and The structure of the company okay and I Also want to promote things that Actually are of some kind of value to People because you’ll see a lot of Different what are called Biz Ops out There where you’re making a commission

But you’re really only making a Commission because someone buys into the Program so that they can make a Commission by selling the program to Somebody else there really isn’t any Substance to the program now a lot of Times they might have some training So you know so that’s a little you know Questionable Um but really the money is so the Question you have to ask yourself is is The program paying commissions because The program is so good and that’s why People stay or are they paying Commissions and you’re trying to get People to join just because that when They join then you earn that commission I hope that makes sense Um so let’s just jump in I think it’ll Make sense as we go through so I use Aweber as my email autoresponder and so I have no qualms promoting it They pay uh 40 percent recurring Commissions every single month and so When people join and keep paying I earn Now you can see my monthly payments Um you know 55 58 39 is my lowest in the Past year I’ve had over a hundred Dollars you know because some people Drop off some people join Etc but this pays for aweber for me so I Have no cost you know and using aweber Get response I have used in the past I Do not currently use it but I do promote

It it’s a reputable company and you can See in the past you know two weeks I’ve Gotten two free accounts two paid Accounts uh 69 all-time sales since I’ve Been promoting it now they have a bounty Program which is a one-time payment Which is what the program I’m currently Involved in Um and then they have the recurring Payment program like aweber has we just Get paid every month and I believe it’s 30 or 33 percent every month and so The Bounty is they have to have I think Three consecutive months of paying for a Get response before you’re eligible to Get paid for the Bounty and so even Though I’ve had 69 sales which should at 100 each should be 6 900 you can see I’ve only actually earned 3 900 because Some of those people pay fell off now Here’s another 300 so I guess 4 200 so You know some of those people didn’t pay Three consecutive months so you so for This one you decide if you want the one Time I would probably go for recurring I Probably need to join that and actually Be re Referring people to the recurring but You know I get paid you know not every Month but it’s nice to have these Payments come in I use A2 hosting for my Own hosting I have no problems Recommending them Now people need hosting and it’s quality

Hosting and you can see I’ve been Promoting them since 2019 and I started Out you know a few hundred dollars a Month but then I had some you know Really crazy months four thousand Dollars two thousand three thousand and I still usually do Um at least a thousand you know per Month right so here’s my worst month Recently a thousand back in January Um now these are one-time payments these Are not recurring necessarily there are Some hosting companies that do pay Recurring I think hostinger is one of Them and so you can find hosting Companies that pay recurring if you’d Rather go that route here’s one of my Newer products that I’ve been using Myself In my business called article Forge and They have a really nice affiliate Program and so again I promote things That I use in my own line my own online Business okay I use aweber I use A2 Hosting I use article Forge article Forge is a AI artificial intelligence Content creation I use it for my blog Content because it makes really really Good quality content and they have an Affiliate program okay and so I make videos on YouTube that talk about How I’m using article Forge for my blogs And then if people you know you can see Um pretty much every day people are

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Clicking on my link and uh they do have A five day free trial and so you can see You know some people uh you know do the Five day free trial and then because Recurring payments you know they have Three different uh Levels that you can use article Forge at You know so kind of a depending on what Your needs are for content and so Um you know here’s 675 675 675 so you Can see a lot of these 675 here’s a Bigger one 23.94 and so you can see just In the past two weeks I’ve made you know What is that fifty dollars in two weeks You know so again these are just kind of Nice but these are residual these come In every single month right Um and then earlier on there were some Bigger ones 13.50 here’s a 45 75 1897. So you know it varies but these are Recurring so as long as people continue To use article Forge and I keep getting Paid now I want to share with you this I Said you know I hope you made it this Far because this is one of my newest Recurring Um of programs that I think has just a Ton of potential called The Home Business Academy and I like Home Business Academy because it’s a ethical Company they offer Um things that are worth what they’re Charging and they have a really great Um

You know income opportunity with it in That they pay 80 commissions so they Basically have three programs the first Is their home funnel Builder Academy so You know as if you remember we talked About you know people need hosting Domains email orders and they need Funnel Builders okay and so Um Home Business Academy it was called HBA they have a really good funnel Builder I mean it’s actually really good Drag and drop it’s super easy to use Um very intuitive comparable to those Higher priced funnel Builders out there That you may have heard of you know that Start at 97 a month that are really Expensive well the HPA funnel Builder is Just 25 a month so super super Reasonable To use they do have also what they call Their HBA premium this is another Product and this is all about traffic And conversions and this is really Really good information I mean they talk About just kind of an overview of Traffic and you know how to you know Things you need to be aware of to get Traffic uh so just a really good Overview and then they have tons of Training about free traffic okay really Good stuff and then they have lots of Training about paid traffic if you want To go to paid route they talk about you Know hey it’s one thing to get traffic

But then you gotta convert that into a Sale so they have lots of good Conversions training and then here’s one Of the best things about this premium Membership that they have is they have Ongoing training and so every Monday Night they have a mastermind and that’s Where our users that belong to HBA jump On board the leaders of the company you Typically run it but they turn it over To users and so every week they usually Will have a be one or two users that Share what they’re doing that’s helping Them be successful And you’ll see people in here they’re Making anywhere from a few thousand Dollars a month in recurring commissions With HBA up to I’ve seen some people Making tens of thousand dollars a month You know twenty thousand dollars a month Thirty thousand dollars a month or more With the HBA program and so it’s very Cool it’s very inspiring you get lots of Good insight and tips this alone I think Is probably worth the monthly cost to Join premium they also have some other Daily Calls some daily Masterminds that you can be part of and Then they also have everything archived Okay So you can go back and go through the Archives and they are really really good They have a very active Facebook group And telegram community and so those are

Other ways that you can get support so You are never going to be lacking for Support Um in the premium membership and it is Really really good the third product They do offer I do not own this one when I click on it you’ll see I don’t own it It’s called financial literacy Academy Now these two are recurring these are Monthly memberships the funnel Builder And the premium the financial literacy Academy is a one-time payment I didn’t Pick it up I made at some other time you Can make one-off commissions if people Buy this as when they join when you help Someone get started but right now I just Have the bun the Builder Academy the Funnel the funnel Builder and the Premium okay so let’s talk a little bit About how this works so the Home Business Academy They pay a crazy eighty percent Commissions I don’t think I’ve seen that Anywhere before Especially for recurring you know so you Know when we looked at Some of these recurring programs that I Do promote right now aweber pays 40 get Response I think is 30 or 33 percent Article Forge pays 25 so when you look At the Home Business Academy paying 80 Commissions that’s awesome that’s huge Right and so let’s talk about how the Commissions work for their products okay

So we talked about the Home Business Academy you know their HBA funnel Builder Academy that’s kind of their Flagship Um Baseline entry product and it it Costs 25 a month which is actually Really really reasonable okay Um you know an auto auto responder is Going to cost you 20 a month if you go With click funnels that’s 97 a month or More and so 25 a month is just one prize Um it’s set and you make 80 commission So you’re going to make twenty dollars Per month residual for each user you Help get started Um so let’s say you get 100 people Started and those people keep paying Month after month that means you would Get two thousand dollars a month Residual just from the funnel Builder Program It’s pretty nice okay Um now they do have a couple other Products like we talked about if we go Back they have the HBA premium which is Their traffic at conversions and their Ongoing masterminds and training and This is again active Community uh I Think it’s definitely worth looking at And the HBA premium program now that is 125 dollars per month and I know that May sound like a lot but you’re getting A lot from it uh what’s included with The training and the ongoing training

Um and to be honest it’s it’s worth it The other thing is that pays 80 Commission so you of 125 you make a Hundred dollars every month per user so Let’s say in this example You get 100 people that decide they want To start with a funnel Builder and say 30 of those people so 30 of those people Also decide they see the benefit of the Premium and so they decide to continue With it every month and so that’s an Additional thirty thousand dollars a Month because you’re going to earn this 2 000 a month because all 100 people That’s getting you that and then The 30 people from here that also joined Here are it’s going to be an extra three Thousand so that’s five thousand a month Okay Um if you just get 100 people Um obviously you can do the math up and Down you know you get more you get fewer Um obviously some people will go come Some people will go although this has a Pretty good retention rate the other Beautiful thing about this so like I say With aweber I use aweber every month my Aweber pays for itself because I don’t Have to pay for aweber because my Commissions that I earned from aweber Are paying for it and that’s the same Thing here you only need you know if you Have the funnel Builder you’re paying And here’s the other thing guys you need

To own and pay the monthly membership in Order to earn a commission right so you Need to pay 25 a month to have access to Funnel Builder to earn those commissions But if you just get two people started That would be forty dollars per month so Now you’re a profit you only need two People joining The funnel Builder and you’re in profit Now it’s paying for your 25 a month plus An extra fifteen dollars Same thing with premium you have to be An active member you have to have an Active monthly Um membership subscription of 125 per Month but again you just get two people That’s 200 so now it’s paying for itself Plus another 75 dollars okay so 75 plus 15 up here that’s nice now you’re making 90 a month profit Um with two people okay so you don’t Need a ton of people right because Um it’s paying 80 commissions you only Need two people two people will get you Into profit okay and it’s because it’s Higher commissions right it’s not 40 Commissions it’s not 30 commissions it’s Not 25 you know percent commissions Those are all good and I make money with Those but the beauty I see with the Home Business Academy that I’m excited about Is I think they offer a quality product In in the in the front end funnel Builder uh easy super easy to use it

Works and it’s only 25 a month and then They have great training in the premium So if you want the training you want the Ongoing training the archives the you Know weekly masterminds and you want to Tap into that knowledge to build Your online business then I think this Is worth it and you only need two people Here and two people here and you’re in Profit and it’s paying for itself so if You’re interested in all at the Home Business Academy I’ll leave a link down Below Um that is my affiliate link obviously If you click on it it’s going to take You to the opt-in page so just go ahead And put your name your email and then Once you click uh yes give me access It’s going to take you to the sales page Let me jump up to the top so you can see What it looks like Um you know I definitely encourage you To watch the video I don’t you know when I got started I watched the entire video I you know read over every single word On the sales page you know so definitely Take your time read through it uh when You click on any of these buttons it’s Going to take you to Um the checkout form and so you just put In your information Um if you want to pay by credit card or Google pay you can do that and then They’re going to give you a bonus which

Is essentially a free two-week trial Okay you have 100 for free for two weeks To their premium Now their premium is Normally 125 dollars per month and so You’re going to get it free when you Come down here you have to opt in for This Um so it’s not included the two-week Free trial is not included unless you Check the box okay and then you’ll get That okay then it’ll add it right so Like for example if I own so here it is The HBA premium Um free for two weeks right zero if I Uncheck that it takes it away so I would Encourage it go ahead and click on the Two free two-week trial okay you’re Gonna pay just twenty five dollars and You’re gonna get two free weeks to go Through all this traffic training go Through all the masterminds go through Just get everything you can for two Weeks and then decide if you don’t want To use it You don’t have to continue after the two Weeks um but if you want to earn Commissions from premium you do need to Have an active membership to earn Commissions from premium so I hope that Helped give you an oversight of uh how To make recurring commissions online how I use recurring Commissions in my online Business and I hope you can see how why I’m excited about the Home Business

Academy being another great reputable Product that I can promote for recurring Commissions and I hope you might see That you would want to do that also and If you do I’ll have the link Down Below In the description box please give me a Thumbs up if you like the video and Subscribe so you can get more videos as They come out thanks so much for Watching

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