How to Margin Trade on KuCoin? (KuCoin Margin Trading Tutorial 2023)

With mods in trading you can make a lot Of money fast but you can also lose a Lot of money fast if you don't know what You are doing for example if you Normally earn 100 worth of profits but Now you do it with 3x leverage it means That you earn 300 worth of profits if You normally make 100 profits but you Use 10x leverage now you earn one Thousand dollars but the same works also In the opposite way if you would Normally lose 10 percent and you use a 10x leverage now you will lose 100 Percent in this video I will show you Step by step how to mods and trade on Cool coin and what are the unique Benefits of cocoa and mods in trading Comparing to binance mods in trading Where I'm also making money for example In the last month I earned more than 884 Dollars and buy a bit mods in trading Where I have earned today 1097 and I have taken already more than Fourteen thousand seven hundred dollars Worth of margin first when you want to Start making money on cool coin using Any method you need to create 100 free Account I will leave your link in Description where you can get up to 500 Welcome bonus to Google after clicking The link below the video you will land On Google and homepage where you will be Able to sign up and it says mystery Boxes up to 400 exclusively for new

Users you will click here sign up and Here we will create your free account Using your email address or phone number And as you can see Google works all Around the world and Africa Asia America Europe all around the world example if You are from India you choose that one Right there you put your phone number Right here then you create a strong Password right here and if you want to Get discount on all of your trading fees I recommend that you come right here Below the video you highlight this text You click here copy and then you come Back to cook coin you click here paste And let me show you what happens you Will enjoy a 10 discount on trading fees So you will pay less money on fees than Other people then you simply click the Button right here sign up and you will Be inside Google for free once you are Inside Google and you can find mods in Trading in two different places you can Either find it here on the earn and Crypto Landing section or you can Directly come here to trade and mods in Trading magnify profits with leverage it Will open for you this Google mods in Trading View and here you will be able To do the leveraged trading and leverage In other words means that everything is Amplified so you will earn more money And you can also lose more money with Leverage another option for leverage

Trading coupon is of course good coin Futures that you can see right here and You can see here below that I have one Trade open with more than 334 dollars Worth of profits right here on Google so You can also make money here on cuckoo In Futures as I've shown you in my other Videos on my playlist earn money today We focus on mods in trading and you can See here that there are two types of Mods if there is a cross margin and Isolated Martin with cross Martin each Mods and sells the same account for Example if you have BTC usdt usdc you Can use all of them as a collateral at The same time however with isolated Margin is trading pair has their own Collateral and their own account for Example you have BTC USD then you have Separately BTC usdc then you have for Example usdt ether on all of these Trading pairs separately meanwhile with Cross margin you can use same account For all of those trading Pairs and now When you want to begin with with mods in Trading cool you will transfer some Funds into your margin account for Example you click right here let me show You it opens for you this View and then I can transfer money from my training Account to my cross margin account all Alternatives from my mail account across Margin account so let me show you an Example I transfer some BTC and I click

Here confirm and now I have some BTC Available right here or if I want to Transfer some usdt again I click this Button and then you can see it right Here that's transfer for example 50 usdt By click here confirm and you can see That now that usdt is available on my Margin account and now you're wondering How to enable margin on cool coin it's Really simple for those of you who are New and you are wondering what does the Margin mean it means that you borrow Money on this platform and then with Your own money and on top of your Borrowed money you do the trading Meanwhile with spot rating you only Trade with your own money with margin Trading you trade with the old money and Also the borrowed money so you have more Power in that trade and the cucko and Martin trading is really unique Comparing to pipe it or binance mods in Trading let me show you right here on Cool coin so when you come here to earn And crypto lending you can see here the Length option where you can earn passive Income so earn money automatically by Lending for other Traders and then they Use it for margin or you can click here Borrow and here you can borrow for Example to grow across mods in trading And then you can use that money for Trading and know this that on Google you Will be borrowing most of that money

From other users on Google so they have Chosen here land so they are earning now Money automatically by lending money for You so you can decide here on good coin Do you want to lend money for others and Earn more money automatically like Passive income I have done that as well On Google or do you want to borrow money From others and pay them the interest And then you will do the mods in trading With those extra funds that they have Given for you here you can choose the Time frame that you want to borrow the Money and then you can shows here what Kind of terms do you want to take you Can also choose right here you can see That I can borrow up to 1334 usdt even though I have total Assets only around 50 USD so you can Take quite the high margin here on Google as far as I understand on binance And on private you are borrowing money From the house so for example you borrow Money from buy bit or you borrow money From buyers but on good coin and you Borrow money from other users and now You are wondering but why does Google Want to provide it what do they benefit And here is the reason the platform will Charge five percent of your accurate Interest as fees and 10 percent as the Insurance funds so of course the Platform takes a small cut off the Interest rates and of the earnings of

Those who like to make here passive Income on one hand earning passive Income here on good coin is relatively Safe because people who borrow money They need to leave the collateral so Their the main risk is just a coin value Risk if you're holding weak currencies Other than Bitcoin because Bitcoin is The strong this money on Earth and then If you are lending Bitcoin then the only Risk is to count the body risk in this Case I will show you more details in a Moment but if you are enjoying that I Saw all of these things for you remember To subscribe to my YouTube channel and Share my Channel with all of your Friends who like to make money online And they are interested in trading all Right so what are the exact steps for Borrowing money I already showed you That you can simply choose one of these That interests you then you can choose How much you want to borrow then you can Choose the term and then you can click Here borrow BTC and what are the Benefits of doing that on good coin Let's take usdt as an example you can See that the daily interest rates for This ones is 0.0 19 let's compare that For example the binance if we put the Daily rate times 365 we get a rough Estimate on the yearly interest it would Be less than seven percent on binance at The moment for regular uses the interest

Rate is less than five percent and on Private the interest rate is around five Percent interest rate is quite Competitive yesterday I saw it was Actually a four point something so it Was actually lower than it currently is But you can see it fluctuates here all The time based on what people want to Lend money here on this platform another Option to borrow money with this cuckoo And Martin is come back here to trading View and then right here click this Order borrow let me show you what Happens if you click right here it says Audible fans are automatically borrowed At the optimal interest rate when orders Are placed so if I would click here Enable then I would be able to use that Borrowed money anytime when I make Trades here on the cross mod and even Though you notice that many of these Terms you can see seven days 14 days 28 Days they are quite short term not long Like when I had 80 days or something Like that bad thing is that you can just Again a borrow and borrow and borrow and You can use these functions like all the Bottle so you can use mods in even for The longer term if you want once you Borrow money here on good coin you will See your depth ratio Rising you can see At the moment have zero percent debt Here so I have nothing to pay back but If I will start getting matching right

Here I would be able to then repay it by Clicking this button right here if You're still wondering where to find This page it's earn crypto lending and Then here borrow section on the land Section you earn money automatically and On the borrow section you borrow money From others for mods in trading here you Can also notice the difference between Cross and isolated if I click here Isolated I need to put separately for Its account the margin that I want to Trade right so what is my recommendation For margin trading I advise you to Compare the margin interest rate on Different platforms buyers buy a bit Cool and then choose the best platform For you that has the best rates and is The safest one in your opinion and Perhaps the best thing you can do is to Diversify the risk with expenses so if You are using many expenses for taking Margin you can take it on all of those Excesses rather than on just one accents So if one of those happens to go down You still have those new other excesses Left but of course if you want to remove All the counterparties then I recommend Removing all of your money from your Bank accounts from all of the crypto Extenses and putting it directly in your Own Bitcoin wallet whether it's a Hardware wallet multi-sec wallet or Whatever type of Bitcoin wallet you like

To use then you have 100 control of your Own money and you have zero counter Batteries and now you probably want to See more in detail how the by bit margin Works because I have earned more than 880 dollars in the last month or how Does the buy bit margin trading work Where I have earned more than one Thousand ninety seven dollars today you Will learn all of those things on my YouTube channel and specifically on this Playlist earn money on private and You want me my friend we are going to See in the next videos immediately

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