How to Mine Bitcoin on Android – Best Bitcoin Mining App Android 2023

You already know many apps to earn Bitcoin on your phone if you are my YouTube subscriber for example stop Getting what happens 9253 dollars using this app of course The buy Bit app as well where I have 82 000 and I get more Bitcoin automatically Here on my bit Earl and of course Binance is famous where I earn more Bitcoin automatically right here on the Earn section and inside the binance Mining pool as you have seen here on the Cloud mining I have many orders and many Of these are making me money every Single day automatically as you can see Right here and on top of that you have Received more than 20 apps to make money On your phone in my ultimate Bitcoin Guide that I give us a free gift for our YouTube subscribers but sometimes new Subscribers ask me about this mining Apps that you can find on Android store I receive emails like this one often Times it says hello rope how are you Doing today can you please tell me if This mining platform is legit or not in In that one he saw some insta but new subscribers ask Also about other mining apps that you Can find right here on the Android you Can see BTC mining Bitcoin Cloud mind Bitcoin mining BTC Miner and there are So many different Bitcoin mining apps Here on the Android play store and of

Course if you go to the internet you Search for different Miners and perhaps You receive emails there are so many Different mining apps so how do you know Which one is legit and which one is not You'll have landed on the Right video First of all let's start by covering These apps on the Play Store that you Can see right here I would estimate that 90 percent or more of the so-called Mining apps on the Play Store are either Scams or just a waste of your time of Course there are also some legitimate Apps as you can see for example Stone Game that gives you money automatically And then there are also other legit apps Like coinbase and so on and so forth Port but there are also a lot of time Waster apps right here it's relatively Easy to notice the difference between a Legit Bitcoin earning apps and app that Is not legitimate for example you know That a binance cloud mining it gives you Money every single day you can earn Money on the binance pool and of course I'm earning money losing binance on my Phone it's really easy to know that it's Legit it's the biggest one in the world Biggest cryptocurrency platform in the World or for example Vibe it is also Easy to know I have more than 82 Thousand dollars I have withdrawn Thousands and tens of thousands of Dollars in fact from this app and you

Can see right here that it's rank at Number second in the entire universe so It's easy to know that these types of Apps are legitimate and you can earn a Lot of real money using buy bit and Buyers but what about those lesser known Apps like you can see here on the Apple Store first of all it's really important To understand that you don't actually Mine Bitcoin inside your mobile phone There happens zero mining when you earn Bit Bitcoin on your phone it will not Tell you accomplish different tasks you Earn Bitcoin on your phone but one of Those tasks is not mining if you would Want to do real Bitcoin mining then you Would need to have some of these devices They call it A6 you can see and Miner Right here and perhaps if you want to Earn even more you would need to install Many of them so you understand that your Phone is not eligible for doing the real Money so what are those tasks that you Do in order to earn Bitcoin for example Some Bitcoin earnings give you money for Clicking your buttons it's a stock and You earn money by clicking a button Right there also on coin deploy it's one Of those apps where you can get paid for Clicking button let me just show you if I click right here I click right here Then I click here again I click here Recapsa and once I click here click here It will give me free coins and each time

I have enough coins I can cast out real Money as you have seen on my previous Videos then you can also earn Bitcoin For watching videos playing games Answering questions and doing all these Kinds of easy tasks and of course there Are many similar Easy Money apps like Going to play for example on freecast Where you click here start earning and You get paid for downloading apps Testing websites answering questions and Doing these types of easy tasks so now You understand the first thing you don't Earn money on your phone by mining Bitcoin you earn Bitcoin by Accomplishing simple tasks what about Buy bit then for example you earn money For example for free by copy pasting Links second you can earn money Automatically on buy bit earn third you Can earn here on the trading section you Can see I earned more than eight Thousand six hundred dollars by doing One trade here on buy with so that's the Basis of everything you actually do some Tasks in order to earn the Bitcoin and If you want to do the real Bitcoin miner Then you would need to acquire real Mining equipment that is not possible on Your phone right let me give you now Three four different guidelines that Will help you to choose legitimate money Making apps and specific perfectly Bitcoin earning apps the first guideline

I like to use that app has millions of Other users worldwide you know for Example buy Bit app there are more than 10 million people from all parts of the World Africa Asia America Europe all Around the world people make money with Buy bit same of course applies to storm Gain as well there are millions of People from all parts of the planet and Of course same applies to buyers there Are more than 120 million people who Make money on this app so that's of Course the easy one the app has millions Of users already making money with it so If it works for all the other people of Course it can work for you as well the Second one is that the company has been Around for a few years of course when I Started on buying us that was back in 2017 and you know that binance was Started in 2017 so then it was a Relatively new company but I still Started using and making money with it Since the beginning but nowadays if you Want to be on the safe side perhaps you Want to use an app that has been around Already a few years like binance at been Around since 2017. bypit has been around Since 2018 kucoin has also been around Since 2017. so many of these money Making apps that you see on my Channel First of all they are being used by tens Of millions of people second they have Already been operating for many years

And the third there are thousands of Positive reviews and numerous payment Proofs the best proof that you can get Is when you receive money for the first Stock so if I start using a new app Sometimes I may start with a small Amount of money for example 100 1 000 And then I withdraw it and then I see How the whole process works so I verify I can withdraw the money easily I can Receive the money so perhaps you can do The same start casting out for example Small amounts of money and let me give You an example let's take a simple app Like Stone game where you can make money For free you can simply make money for Free and then cash out for example 100 Then you see that the whole process Works and perhaps you can put more Effort into it and earn even thousands Of dollars like I have done and of Course now the reason I don't cast out The money yet is because I have already Cast out thousands of dollars previously And I have confirmed that the app works Firsthand and of course thousands of Other people have also cast out money What about typical mining scams if you Come to Play Store you notice that there Are many apps that are scams how do you Know which ones are scams I will give You a couple of typical scams that I see A lot of newcomers following it the First one is quite surprising there are

Several apps that say Hey you have Earned for example ten thousand dollars But you cannot withdraw it use first one Send us let's say one hundred dollars And then you can withdraw the money that Is one that person's Camp because none Of the apps where you can make money for Free doesn't require any deposit in Order to withdraw money because you can Earn money for free you don't need to Send money to withdraw of course there May be a withdrawal fee but if you have Earned let's say one thousand dollars Perhaps the fee is twenty dollars so Then you withdraw at 980 but that Withdrawal fee comes from the money that You have already on this app so let me Just give you an example I have now 81 000 on this Bible app and if I would Need to pay let's say five dollar Withdrawal fee I don't need to deposit Five dollars I simply withdraw let's say Eighty one thousand dollars and then out Of that will be deducted that five Dollars so I've received eighty thousand Nine hundred ninety five dollars into my Bank account of Bitcoin worth or Wherever I want to receive the money so You don't need to deposit in order to Withdraw and any legitimate platform Will never require you to send money in Order to withdraw that's quite present Scam so be careful unfortunately I have Seen some complete beginners falling in

Those camps what happens is that if you Send them let's say 100 withdrawal fee Then they will tell you hey you still Need to pay 50 tax fee then if you send That one they will send you hey And 100 they will suck all the money out Of you as long as you keep on sending so That's why all they use the legitimate Apps where you can withdraw money easily The second one us are of course these Cloud mining scams not all the cloud Minings companies ask us but there are a Lot if you search Cloud mining you will See many apps and a 100 sure that many Of these are scams the thing is that you Cannot often verify that they really Have the equipment because the idea with Cloud mining is that you for example Click a button or you invest some amount Of money and then they have the mining Equipment and then they will give you Dividends of that but how can you verify That they really have it you should Physically go there to visit the mining Location check all the equipment and do This kind of things and oftentimes with These apps you cannot really verify so Be a little bit careful with Cloud Mining right another question stands how Many apps do you really need to start Making money because even one app can Make your last income let me give you an Example right here and with this app I Have earned 14 800 in the last one month

If you are my YouTube subscriber you Already know the name of this app you Can see here I earned for example 899 Dollars in the day today I have and so Far let's say 267 dollars the worst day When I earn the least amount of money Was 233 dollars in one day so you don't Really need like a million apps to start Making money even one app if it's a good One can make you a tens of thousands of Dollars and mother says to show you in Front of your eyes but I still give you All of these apps wanted version free in My guide so you can choose the best one For you there are more than 20 apps to Start making money following Click by Click tutorials build while even as a Complete beginner so I give this for you Because some people like making money Clicking a button other people like to Make money watching videos others like Make money investing money others like Making money call pasting things so There is something for everybody and Then you get also some Alternatives so If you want to get this guide for free And all of these apps to make money Right now I will leave you a link in Description below the video right here Where you can get all those money making Apps also if you prefer Easy Money apps I will leave a link right there and also The other apps we talked about in this Video store get buyers buy bit and so on

And so forth so you can choose the best Money making app for you if you want to See more in detail how to use for Example binance or buy bit come to my YouTube channel to my playlist earn Money and buy bit and I will show you Immediately

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