How to Use Binance Trading Bot 2023 (EASY Crypto Trading Bot Tutorial)

This spider's trading bot has already Made me 2 475 dollars worth of profit These minus trading bot has already made Me 134 dollars worth of profit and in This video I will show you click buy Click how you can set up the binance Trading bot even on your phone Immediately after you have watched my Video first when you want to start Making money in finance using any method You need to create an account with smart Person free and I will leave a link in Description just right here below the Video where you can get up to six Hundred dollars worth of bonuses to Buyer you can see here that normally the Highest bonus on binance is 100 USD day Trading period for new users but through My link you can get six times better Welcome bonus for buy and you can sign Up for free using your phone number Email address Google account to Apple ID All metals are one at person free and This works worldwide let me just show You the proof right here if you were to Sign up using your phone number you Notice that you can choose the number From all around the world even in India It works right person perfectly right Here you will fill out the wallet phone Number right there you will create a Strong password right here my referral ID for the best bonuses has been Automatically added you tap the box

Right here you click here create Personal account and you will be inside Buyers for free once you're inside Binance you will find five to six free Trading Bots and there may be even more Free trading Bots if you are watching This video long time in the future Notice that there are other companies That starts High monthly or annual fees For similar Bots that you can get for 100 free environments and in this video We will focus on the best free pod that You can find right here and when we Scroll down all the way to the burn Section you will see it's called Odo in West if you want to see other free Buyers trading Bots and how I have also Made money with them and how to set them Up even on your computer come to my Playlist earn money or buying us and Here I saw Click by click how to set up Other Bots and also when I made money With them myself but now we focus on the Best one which is Auto in West and I Will show today on the mobile phone once You are here on finance auto invest you Need to be careful especially if you Have a complete beginner and simply Focus on this betc with this Bitcoin Because if you click here view more you Know this that binance provides all Kinds of weak coins and you might be Wondering but why does binance provide Also all kinds of coins that are going

Towards zero that are losing their value All that time comparing to bitcoin and The answer is final simply provides a Marketplace so if people want to buy Some trash coins they provide some Traffic coins they provide even weak Coins if millions of people want to buy It so you can see here there is mud dig There is soul there is xrp there is PC8 And all kind size of ultra weak Currencies and that's why I tell you That you must be careful that don't put Your money into anything weak only focus On the strongest one which is bpc right Here of course I recommend that you do Also the research you study more about Bitcoin and also cryptocurrencies and I Have done this research since 2015 and I Have worked in this industry for Thousands of hours and to summarize Everything in one sentence I say focus On bitcoin ignore the altcoins now I Will show you click by click how to set Up the button if you are enjoying this Video so far subscribe to my YouTube Channel and share this Channel with all Of your friends who like to earn money Online so they can also start getting Money everywhere in the world the first Step is to take your finger and strongly Click right here on the strongest manual Planet Earth which is BTC and you'll Notice here immediately that even poor People will be able to use this because

Minimum is only it 0.1 usdt so 10 cents But also Ultra rich people can use it Because you can use this for millions And millions and millions of dollars so Others that this you can start investing With less than a dollar and if you Happen to be ultra Rich you can even Invest with millions of dollars so Everybody beginners intermediate and Address people can use this perfectly Worldwide the first thing you want to Choose here do you want to use usdt or Busd for this bot notice that you need To have either one of these currencies On your binance account if you don't Have them there are two options option Number one is to go to what's my Previous videos on my playlist third Money or buyers and the second option is Simply to use your credit card right Here and choose the recurring by option But personally I recommend that you Focus on this usbp and busd because then You will save money on fees credit and Debit because they always charge all Kinds of high fees meanwhile buyers Doesn't try to similar Ultra expensive Fees so that's why I personally Recommend using either usdt or busd and Not the credit or debit card and here You will choose the amount per period so How much usdt or busd you want to Convert into Bitcoin regularly and at The same time when you are thinking

About this amount right here you also Want to think about the recurring cycle So how often do you want to convert Usdto busd into Bitcoin I would Recommend it daily or more often of Course weeklys also find monthly I would Say more often than monthly daily is my Personal recommendation for most people And also 12 hours is another option but Let's say daily and you may want to put For example 10 usdt per day so that will Be around 300 a month if you have a Little bit more you can put for example 50 USD per day that will be 1 and 400 Usdt per month or if you don't have much Money you get to start with one dollars A data so that will be thirty dollars a Month investment but of course if you Happen to have for example zero usdt Available on your account it will Convert that into Bitcoin regularly and Once you have zero let then the pot will Be just on the waiting mode so you don't Need to worry about that and once you Have tapped this box right here it can Also use your usdt premium flexible Balance so from the buy the simple earn And if you don't have this box then it Simply uses your usdt from your spot Account I would just recommend tapping This box right here and then you can Choose here what type of the day you Wanted to repeat it doesn't really Matter a lot because it will anyways do

It automatically so you don't need to be Monitoring it you can go to lay down the Beats enjoy the live spend time with Your loved ones or do whatever you want This bot will do the heavy lifting Meanwhile for you 10 you tap the box Right here and then you click your Confirm and you can see the bot is now Up and running and when we click here Plan overview it will show our plan Right here here on the bottom you can See the what I just set up once you are On this page called my plan you will be Able to monitor your results right here On the subscribe page you set up the bot And of the my plan place you monitor Results on the history page you can see Previous subscriptions redemptions and Rebalancing and on the learn more page You can get educated about Auto invest Even more in detail notice that you can Stop these spots anytime you want to a 100 Freedom so there is not any fixed Time or lock time frame for example you Can stop them today tomorrow through This from today one week from now one Year from now whatever you want you have 100 freedom to make money with these Bots and you can also edit this for Example you have chosen here one usdt Daily then you decide hey Bitcoin is Ultra cheap right now I want to get more Bitcoin so then you click right here and Then you choose here for example 10 usdt

Dated you tap the box right here you Click here confirm then you go to plan Overview it downloads a few seconds and You can see immediately it says 10 usdt Daily and if you click to view the test It will show you all kinds of B tests But notice I have started this spot just In front of your eyes for example Purposes so it doesn't so much details Here and you can remove the plan anytime You want by clicking this remove plan And it simply asks for a confirmation Are you sure you want to do that then You simply click here okay and you can See success and now I have all these two Bots that I have set up myself and here Is also one trick that I recommend for You I'm using both the USD and usdt so I'm lowering the risk because I'm using Both of these stable coins with the B USD I haven't used so much I have Notified 33 busd profits and with usdt 2449 usdt profit so I have used that one A little bit more and with these Bots The total profit is 2583 dollars pretty much and when you See this yellow button right here it Means that this puts our own going up And running I have chosen here for Example for the busd every 12 hours and 60 usdt every 12 hours and now if I Happen to have for example 50 usdt here On my account then it simply Waits until I have 60 and then it does it once an

Hour so there is not any problem there Is one plus applicability this up Ultra Flexible free trading Bots now sometimes People ask me hey rope how much money Will I earn daily with these trading Bots or somebody asked it I have 100 Dollars how much money will I get in one Month with these boats and somebody Asked it how much money will I earn in One week and if you are interested in Getting answers for all of those Questions I have prepared for you a Specific video where I go through in a Great detail all of your questions you Will find it here on this playlist earn Money or buyers and the title for that Video starts with the worst binance Auto In West Daily profit to click right There and it's this video right here I Recommend that you watch this video Immediately to learn even more about This trading bot so now take your finger And click right here to watch this video Immediate

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