How to Use OKX Trading Bot 2023 (OKX Trading Bot Review)

Okay X provides possibly more trading Bots for free than any other major Cryptocurrency platform you can see here Sport crit future script features this Year spot DCA Moon grid recovering by Smart portfolio sniper Bots orbital Sports and mods mods more and today I Want to have a closer look at Future's DCA Martingale bot that most Cryptocurrency accesses don't provide For free like OK X but first I want to Give a few words of background about OK X it's one of the top three Cryptocurrency accesses in the world With binance by bit and OK X and you can See that okx is the most established one Of them all launched already back in January 2017 and when we come to take a Look at trading volume you can see that Every single day billions and billions Of dollars are being accessed on the Platform billions and billions and Billions and billions so it's one of the Biggest in the world and one of the most Established one of top expenses and when You want to start using the free trading Ports or make money on this platform Using any method you need to create a Free account and I will leave a link in The description where you can get up to Ten thousand dollar welcome bonus once You click the link below the video you Will land on okx registration page where You will create your account for free

And you can unlock a mystery box and win Up ten thousand dollars you will create Your account using your email address Phone number telegram account or Google Account all methods are one at person Free and as you notice here this Platform works all around the world in Africa Asia America Europe all around The world even in India you can sign up Perfectly you fill out your phone number Right here my referral code gives you The best bonuses and also 10 discount on Your trading fees has automatically been Added you click here sign up and you Will be inside Oki Expo free you can get Your welcome bonuses on the reward Section right here but update we will Focus on the trading boss that you can Find here on the trade and here trading Bots section you can click for example Create a bot and then it will open for You the view where you can choose which One of the Bots you want to use before I Show you more in detail how to set them Up I will reveal to you quickly how you Can find the trading bots on your phone As well because you can use OK X on any Device you want once you open the okx App on your mobile phone you will find The trading options here in the middle And sometimes people ask what where are The trading boards there are a couple of Ways to find them but the easiest one is To click again here in the middle and

Then you choose your trading Bots and Here you can switch between sport Trading and then go back to trading Bots And do all kinds of trading you want and Now you will find two different options Right here here in the marketplace below You can copy other bot strategies for Example spot create book a future script Futures DCA and then it will give you a Space specific strategy that you can see Right here and if you want to use it you Can click your copy bot or you can click Here to create your custom parameters as Well or if you just want to create your Own bot from scratch you can come right Here create bot and here you can click DCA Bots and then you can choose which One you want to use recovering by with Bitcoin is of course my personal Favorite and here you can choose all the Settings yourself and once you are ready You will click your create and the bot Will be up and running but now I will Show more in detail on the computer and Explain how these Bots work once you are Here on trading ports page you can Choose the right bot for you and today I Want to focus on the DCA ports there are Three different DCA boats here on okx at The moment Futures and Sport DCA with Martinus strategy and then the recurring Part and if you are my YouTube Subscribers you know that my personal Favorite is recording by using Bitcoin

In other words you get more Bitcoin for Example daily weekly however every month And historically that has been Ultra Profitable strategy just one dollar a Day in Bitcoin for the last nine years Has turned three thousand dollars into More than 69 000 so now you might be asking what's The difference between recording by so The traditional DCA boat and these DCA Boats with Martingale stress it's really Simple recovering by a traditional DCA Buses buys buys buys buys buys buys buys Buys buys buys buys and it never sells In a nut seller recovering bar is Perfect if you think that the price of An asset will keep on going higher in The same way like Bitcoin has gone all The way from 0.1 now already to more Than ten thousand dollars and possibly Towards hundreds of thousands and Millions of dollars also in the future Now the marketing Guild bot on the other Hand it sells at some point so let me Show you right here Martingale but it Buys buys buys and then it sells unlike The recurring but it's a spiced by spice By buys and never sells and the Difference is also that usually I'm not Doing it both is for short or medium Term meanwhile the recovering bar is Usually for a long term let's take an Example from the Bitcoin price chat you See that it starts right here then it

Starts going lower so if you are using Recurring by the traditional DCA you buy Buy buy buy buy you buy all the way even When it dips and also when it starts Going higher marking it but it buys here That way it dips it twice a little bit More then when it dips more you buy even More and then when it starts going up a Little bit you sell it and you take the Profit so when it goes here all the way To the Moon with mapping it but you have Already sold by then and that's why they Call it buy the dip and sell the rip buy When the price goes lower and sell when It starts going higher and the idea is That you keep on buy even more when it Keeps on going lower you can see here You buy a little bit when it dips then You buy even more when it dips more then You buy even more and more and more when It goes lower and lower and lower and When it goes higher then you close all The positions and you take the profit I Will show you now the differences Between spot modding it and future Smarting it but if you are enjoying this Video so far remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share this with all Of your friends who love Bitcoin and Trading there are too many differences Between spot and Futures sport is so Called normal trading so if you have 100 Available you can open a position with 100 right the same amount of money that

You have available so the position side Is maximum the same amount of money that You have available with Futures you can Trade with elaborates so even if you Would have 100 available only but you Use let's say 10x leverage then you can Open position size worth one thousand Dollars or with 5x leverage you could Open a position with 500 instead of just 100 so you understand that Future's Trading has higher risks you can make Money faster but you can also lose money Faster and that's why I don't recommend Futures Trading for complete beginners Only for intermediate or Advanced Trailers another difference that you Notice here is that when you click your Spot DCA you come here to manual you Don't have a sorting option let me show You the difference here Futures DCA you Can log pour sword which means that you Can make profits in both Market Directors you can earn money when the Prices go higher you can earn money when The prices go lower and now let me show You click by click how to set up this Bot and here again I want to give a Reminder that the recurrent buy with Bitcoin is something that I recommend For everybody that's what I'm doing Myself getting more and more Bitcoin Regularly Future's DCA is an option for Intermediate and advanced Traders the First step is of course choosing your

Trading pair and you can see that we are Now chosen BTC usdt perpetual which is Probably something that most of you are Trading it has a massive trading volume Here at okx so of course it has a great Liquidity here on the left hand side you Can anyways trade also hundreds of other Trading Pairs and there are two Different ways to set up these Bots the Same steps by the way apply to all Bots That you set up on okx so follow closely Right now the first option is to use Some of these pre-filled strategies they Say here that it's recommended but I Would personally advise you to always Double check everything and don't just Blindly copy some strategies make sure That you know how the bot Works other Option is to click here manual and then You can set up all the numbers by Yourself if you are starting with the New bot you can of course use first this Previous strategies to get familiar how The bot works and once you understand How everything works then you can start Using manual and set everything up Yourself or even if you would copy some Of these pre-filled strategies you you Can link your copy and you can still Adjust parameters let me show you here An example if I click right here I can Put the leverage for example 5x because 10x is quite heavy you make it Liquidated quite easily if you are using

So high leverage and I also noticed here When we choose this one recommended There are some Ultra aggressive Strategies you can see 13x leverage so If you are trading with such a high Leverage it's quite possible to get Liquidate and lose your whole position You can see 17x leverage that is almost Gambling in my own personal opinion and Of course there are these previous Strategies in both ways that are long And then also you can see short and that One as well you can chase after use Click your copy and then you click your Adjust parameters and you can change Your long and short as well once you are Satisfied with all the metrics right Here you will be able to adjust your Investment amount right here in this box And then you can simply click here Create and you will see your both up and Running here okay eggs one feature that Many traders of course like to use here Are the take profit and stop losses so You can adjust parameters here and here You can set up your date profit Target For each cycle that you are buying and Selling so once you have made a certain Amount of profits then the bot will take That profit for you and close the trade And of course once you have any bot up And running on okx you can close them Anytime you want to a wanted person Freedom there is not some locked time

That you need to have them seven days or 30 days no if you have wanted person Freedom and flexibility to close them Whenever you want now you notice that There are many different Bots here or OK X so if you want that I saw you step by Step Click by click when we set up some Specific bot and I put my own money into That book and show the results on my Channel come immediately in the comment Section and tell me which one you want Me to try publicly on this YouTube Channel and if you want to see an Overview of all of these Bots come Immediately my playlist oil money and OK X and go to check out my previous okx Trading bot tutorial you and me my Friend we are going to see in that video Immediately

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