How to Withdraw Money from ByBit to Bank Account (ByBit Bonus $30,000)

Now you will see step by step how to Withdraw money from bipey to your bank Account easily there are a few different Methods how you can do this and I will Tell you which one is my number one Recommendation that works worldwide in Africa Asia America Europe all around The world you can receive money from Private to your bank account I will show You in a moment to steps to withdraw Money from this platform but if you are Still not a buy bit user I will leave a Link in description where you can get up To thirty thousand dollars worth of Bonuses using my link I've always better Bonuses for our subscribers because Normally new users get up to 5 000 usdt On buy bit but my subscribers get up to 30 000 usdt so my subscribers get six times Better bonuses same also for other Expenses so you create your account on Buy bit 400 free using your email Address phone number or Google account Or Apple ID all methods are 100 free and As I told you buy bitworks perfectly Built what you can see here in Africa Asia America Europe all around the world You fill out your details and you will Be inside by bit for free when you want To get your welcome bonuses on pipe it You will get them right here on the Rewards hub and of course you can make Money and buy it using any methods for

Example I have earned here more than 1087 dollars with just one trade and Here on earn account I'm earning more Bitcoin automatically every single day Where I have more than fifty thousand Dollars but in this video I will show You step by step how you can withdraw Money from buy bit to your bank account And how you can use it in practice in Real life first let me ask you a Question do you want to withdraw your Money from private in order to use it For example to buy groceries or buy food In a restaurant because if you want to Use your money from private in real life Then there are also other options that I Will show you first because this is in My personal opinion easier because then You donate to withdraw money from Bible To bank then from bank to card then from Card to using it because you can Directly use your money from these Different cards for example buy bit card Once that will be available you will be Able to use money directly from your buy Bit account in real life in the same way Like you can already right now use for Example binance card or cryptocam card For example in binance card you can top Up Bitcoin usdt busd E3 whatever Currencies you want and then you can use It in real life wherever you want in More than 100 million different Merchants everywhere in the world and

Same with cryptocam card and the Beautiful thing about these cards is That they give you money back for all of Your purchases most bank cards charge You high fees so you need to pay the Money every single month with this Causes opposite they give you money for Shopping for example with this card I Have earned already more than 1058 Dollars simply by using my money in real Life so of course that's much easier and Much better way for you to withdraw Money from private if you want to use Discus binding card or crypto come to my Playlist earn money or buy us and earn Money on cryptocom app where I saw you Click by click how you can get them and You can start using them in real life And earn money whenever you shop Anything so that's the easiest way what If you are saying okay but I want to get It in your bank account not in a card I Don't want to spend it in real life I Want to get it in the bank account then I have also another option here and then I have also a third option so let me Show you here when you come here to buy Crypto section it's a peer-to-peer Trading and here you can also sell a Crypto and receive it in your bank Account so you can see right here I'm Now here on the peer-to-peer platform There is also a better option available That I will show you last but let me

Show you this one right now since we are Already on a buy a bit so here it says That there are more than 30 Fiat Currencies also known as Government Currencies like US dollar euro so on and So forth and there are more than 300 Payment methods with competitive prices So let me give you an example right here Once you come here you can choose here Cell so originally it will probably show You buy then you click yourself and then You choose the currency you want to sell Usually you want to use usdt here Because it has the best rates if you Have BTC on your buy bit account like I Hold then you can first convert the BTC Into usdt and you can do it for example Here trade spot trading and here BTC Usdt and here you will be able to let me Show you sell some BTC for example I Would get 10 500 USD just like that once You have that usdt you are able to Convert that money into your local Currency and receive it in your bank Account using this bonus peer-to-peer so You can choose here the currency and you Can see that there are dozens of Different currencies available worldwide Australian dollar Brazilian Real Canadian dollar euro British pound and So on and so forth and then here you Will see more than 300 payment methods And bank accounts just to give you an Example let's say you want to receive

Usdt you can use for example zele that Is a popular a usdt account and here you Will be able to sell your usdt and Receive US dollars in New Zealand bank Account and let's say for example Different banks you can simply see there Are like hundreds of different banks That you can use let's say that you want To receive Euros let's say you are Living for example in Europe then you Use something that people in Europe use For example revolut and you will see Here you will be able to sell your usdt Let's say you are living in some other Countries and you want to receive for Example Filipino Peso you can still Receive that right here what about Nigerian naira you can still use it what About Indian rupee works perfectly as Well also Indonesian currency so you can See that it works with all the biggest Currencies in the world however there Are two possible challenges using this Method first of all there are not all The government currencies available so I Will show you another option if you Don't find your local currency right Here and the Second Challenge is that Sometimes they don't give you the best Rates so there is a other platform that Gives you better rates and more Bank Ops And more currency options because this One gives you more than 30 different Fiat currencies have 300 payment meals

But this one right here you can see it Gives you much much more government Currency options and you can see that it Gives you six seven eight hundred Different bank accounts so you can see That there is more availability and also The rates are better because this Platform is popular more people are Using this you know that on binance There are more than 130 million members From all around the world meanwhile on Piped there are more than 10 million so Binance is more than 13 times bigger Than buy a bit and that's why binance is Able to provide you better rates also More Bank options available and also More Fiat currencies available so if you Don't find your currency and your bank Account here on Vibe with peer-to-peer Then you will move to binance Peer-to-peer and I will show you how the Process works but before that I want to Mention that by bit peer-to-peer is Growing fast so by the time you are Watching this video there may be already More than 130 different currencies and More than 300 payment methods I'm sure That they will be adding more and more Currencies and payment methods as the Time moves forward and if you want to Use this you simply choose the offer That fits your needs let's say you want To receive Euros on revolut for example You click here sell usdt and then you

Simply follow the steps on the screen You choose how much usbt you want to Sell how much money you want to receive In your bank account and then you simply Add your payment method and then you Click here sell and you receive the Money in your own bank account and here On the left hand side I recommend Following the same steps that I have Also advised you when it comes to buying Us peer-to-peer choose offers that have A high completion rate so close to 100 And then also that they have many orders Done so then your chances of executing The trade immediately or almost Immediately are high and also if they Have been active in the last one hour as You can see here these are perfect Because they will likely send you the Money fast this one for example I would Wouldn't take because the completion Rate is 34 but the other ones are Probably completely fine here is one With 100 you see that sometimes they Don't have 100 that maybe for example Some newbie some beginner starts an Order with them and then they cancel it So then they don't have the 100 Completion rate in that case but you can See if it's more than 90 that's perfect If they have 34 or 82 that's not optimal I would personally prefer something with More than 90 percent when you have your Money on buy bit and you want to

Withdraw it to your bank account using Binance peer-to-peer here is the process That you do you come to binance if you Don't have an account you can get up to Six hundred dollars worth of trading Bonuses using my link as a new user Again it's six times better than the Regular bonuses then you come here to Wallet you chose Fiat and spot and you Choose the currency that you want to use Let's say you want to use for example Usdt you come right here and you click Deposit then here you will select a Network and you can choose any of this Available networks you come back to Private and then you simply click here Withdraw and again you choose the same Currency that you are depositing the Binance for example in this case would Be usdt you'll choose a chain type right Here and you can see most of these Chains work perfectly let's say you want To avoid fees so you take for example a Solar energy in this case if it's still Working you know Savannah is not so good But for this kind of quick transactions It may be fine and then you simply put The amount right here and you copy paste The wallet address from binance directly Right here then you click here submit And in a few moments you will receive Money into your binance account if you Use this centralized change that you can See right here the inter transaction

Will likely be fast possibly even less Than one minute the slowest one here is Ethereum 10 so then it may take a little Bit longer but the other ones should Make it in less than five minutes once You have the money here on your binance Spot account you simply click here Transfer and you choose your Fiat and Spot and then you choose your file Funding because when you use Peer-to-peer you will use your funding Work and then you simply choose how much Usdt you want to transfer you click your Confirm and now you can send that money Directly to your bank account so it's The same process here on binus Peer-to-peer as I showed also on buy bit Peer-to-peer so you click here sell then You choose your payment method so where You want to receive the money what is The bank account you want to receive it You choose the fiat currency and as you Can see there are more Fiat currencies Available let's just go through an Example let's say you want to receive Euros to your wise account then you Simply click your cell usdt you choose How much usdt you want to sell and Receive in your bank account you follow The steps on the screen so you click Right here and you receive the money Directly in your bank account notice Here that binance shows you one decimal More for example the price here for usdt

Measured in Euros is 0.930 and here it shows the same but There is not one decimal so that's why Often bonuses pay the rates because Let's say this one goes away then the Next best one is this one but you can See here on minus there are many offers With the much better rate so in that Sense also buying us is more Availability better rates and it works Worldwide so I would say most of the Time buying a peer-to-peer is better Than buy bit peer-to-peer but private Peer-to-peer may be faster if you Already have the money here on your Private account so those are two perfect Options for you now if you want to learn More in detail how to use minus Peer-to-peer and how I even have made Money with it I show you all the details Here on my playlist earn money on Binance here I saw how I earned 20 Dollars with five minutes of work here I Saw how to use it on your smartphone and I saw you much much more also if you Want to make money and buy bit here I Earned more than five thousand ninety Dollars with one trade and if you want To make money 100 free copy pasting Links I show you all of that on my Playlist earn money on buy bit and earn Money on finance so join me my friend we Are going to see on these two playlists In Media

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