MEXC GLOBAL EXCHANGE TUTORIAL: How to Deposit & Withdraw Money from Mexc?

As you can see on the screen I have Earned around 15 with one trade on Max Exchange and I have earned more than 5471 dollars with one trade here on Bible that shows you the difference that I'm using buy bit much more than mix let Me also prove this to you from the Wallet on my Max wallet I have only a Few hundred dollars right now while on My bit I have 63 000 my bit also gives You up to thirty thousand dollar bonus While Max gives you up to one thousand Dollar bonus and a ten percent discount If you use my link in the description But even though buy bit is great it's Not yet available for those of you who Are living in the United States so for Those of you who can use the Bible That's the one that I recommend and for Those of you who live in the US you have To use mixed exchange as an alternative And today I will show you click by click How you can use this how you can deposit And withdraw money from mix I will Demonstrate this to you in front of your Eyes I will deposit some money in the Mix from my good coin account and then I Will withdraw that money from Max into My buy with account I will also mention How you can withdraw money from Max to Your bank account if that is what you Want to do but of course I will leave You all the links and resources in the Description below the video where you

Can get the best bonuses because as you Know for buy bits the biggest bonus Through my link is ten thousand dollars Which is six times better than if you go There directly plan for Max you also get Some special bonuses it's a 10 discount And up to one thousand dollar welcome Bonuses so our subscribers always get The best deals and now when you are Inside Max you can easily deposit money In many different ways you can deposit Fiat currencies also known as Government Currencies US dollar euro British pound Zone and so forth here on the buy crypto Section let me just give you an example Then I will show you the crypto deposits And withdrawals as well so here you can Deposit money using your credit or debit Card so if you still happen to have any Of these week government currencies that Are going down in value you can Immediately convert them here into usdt And then you can convert that usdt into A Bitcoin which is the strongest form of Money ever seen on planet Earth here you Can also do the bank transfers as you See you can deposit and withdraw using Bank accounts here using buy and sell Options so if you still have for example Euros you can do a bank deposit right Here and receive usdt you simply put the Amounts right here it calculates you how Much you will get and then you click Here buy now and you follow the steps on

The screen that there is also this Express which is a little bit faster Method than peer-to-peer however I want To mention that in my first opinion There are better peer-to-peer platform For example buy bit and on binus the Best one more about that later and then Of course there are some third-party Options as well so you can use Visa card MasterCard Apple pay Google pay bank Card and so on and so forth in a Nutshell you will be able to deposit Fiat currencies or government currency Is here on the by crypto section but I Assume that you have already gotten rid Of most of your government currencies Because they are going down in value so Fast so let me show you how to do the Crypto and Bitcoin deposits so we come Here the wallet and I click here Overview and here is a big blue button That says Depot C so let's click that One right here then you will choose the Currency that you want to deposit for Example usdt or BTC are the most common Ones here you can choose the available Network but at this point we want to go To cool and we want to choose what we Are going to withdraw we come right here To my training account and you can see That I have almost 100 percent into BTC But I just noticed here on withdrawal Section that it has lower withdrawal Fees on usdt so what I will do right now

I will convert this BTC into usdt and Then I will do a usdt deposit here on Mix I will choose a network that has low Fees and that's what I also recommend For you if you are wondering why I'm not Withdrawing all of my money from Google It's because I have here one trade open With around 200 dollars worth of profit So I will keep that open I will keep on Earning money with that one meanwhile I Will do this withdrawa so here I sell BTC and the only reason I sell BTC right Now is for this demonstration purposes I Will be converting that usdt back into BTC by the end of this video because of Course I want to hold BTC which is the Strongest form of money ever seen on Planet Earth I will withdraw from Cooking to Max using algorand because it Has so low fees you can see 50 Cent fee I click here confirm then I will copy Paste to address from Max right here and I will be receiving money into max you Can see here that the money has arrived Almost immediately you can see here 630 USD so that's how easy it is to deposit Money into mix I just want to remind Here about the deposit always make sure That you choose the right Network so if You are are withdrawing for example Using trc20 then you put the deposit Exactly the same and if you are using For example algo as I showed you then Use that Network in both sides so that's

How the deposit goes through perfectly And fast I will show you in a moment how You can withdraw this money from Max to Wherever you want but if you are Enjoying this video so far remember to Show some love smash up the like button And share this video with your friends Who are interested in mix and making Money online now of course once you have Money here on Max you can do all kinds Of activities right here here on the Trade section you will be able to do the Spot trading here on future section you Will be able to do the Futures Trading As you can see here I'm earning some Money with one trade there right now and Of course there are also many other Things such as a copy trading that I Don't recommend but many people usually Sell them for beginners I definitely Don't recommend copy trading but many Other things I can recommend let me know In the comments if you want a detailed Mixed trading tutorial and I will be More than happy to create that for you But now let's do the withdrawal and Again you notice that almost 100 of of My funds here are in BTC and on top of That now we have that usdt that we Received so what I'm going to withdraw From here I want to withdraw all of the Money into my buy bit account and again I will be using usdt because it will Have a lower withdrawal fees so what I

Will do here is that I convert this BTC Into usdt then we withdraw all of that Usdt into buy bit once it has arrived Here I will convert all of that into Bitcoin so let's do that right now I'll Come here trade I click here spot and Then first I want to get rid of these MX Tokens so I will choose your market and I will actually buy and sell it quickly Right here let's put here buy and then We will sell it I had to buy it because I had less than the minimum amount and Then we put the favorites here BTC usdt I will sell BTC for example purposes and Now I have around 915 usdt I come back To wallets overview and then I will Click here withdraw or also here on Button them we draw and now again to say Make sure that you choose the right Network right here let's see which one Has the low face you can see many of Them has around one usdt fee so I will Probably use trc20 chain I will click Here deposit and here we will be Choosing USD theme and here I will Choose now the trc20 chain I will copy Paste address here to Max I will click Here to submit the withdrawal and then We will come back you can see here next That I have successfully withdraw the Money my spot account you can see it's Empty right now I have only here in the Future check out the small trade that I Have opened right here that I also

Showed you before and the money has Successfully arrived into my buy bit Account you can see it right here in Front of your eyes and now immediately I Will convert this usdt into strongest Form of money on planet Earth you can See here I will buy BTC I click here buy BTC and that's it I have received the BTC on my account now that money is here On my buy bit spot account now I will Show how to withdraw money from Max to Your bank account if some of you still Like to use those old Fascinate Banks You can do it here on the buy crypto Even though it says buy crypto you can Also withdraw here let me show you you Come here to bank transfer then you Click here sell you choose the currency You want to sell and then you choose to Currency you want to receive of course Personally I rarely receive money into Bank account because Banks force you to Hold weak currencies that go down in Value like Euros or British pound but This is the platform where you can do it But if you don't use these currencies Then there are a few other options you Can see you can do this world right here On peer-to-peer you can only use a few Currencies like Vietnamese Dong Russian Ruble and then also third currency by The time you're watching there are Probably more available but there are Better peer-to-peer platforms for

Example on buy bit you can come here to Buy crypto and peer-to-peer trading here You can find more options so you can Click here sell then you choose your Usdt and you choose here your local Currency you can see that there are Muscles of different government Currencies that you can receive directly In your bank account and then of course The best peer-to-peer platform that Works with more than 700 payment methods In all parts of the world is buying us Peer-to-peer so you can of course Receive money into buyers and you can See here there are more government Currencies that you can even imagine you Probably don't even know about all of These so you can find your local Currency right here then you can choose Where you want to receive the money what Is your bank account name and then you Click yourself and then you choose your Cell usdt you choose the amount how much Money you want to receive in your bank Account you follow the steps on the Screen and you will receive money in Your bank account immediately if you Want to see detailed tutorials on how to Use the binus peer-to-peer I want to Invite you to my playlist earn money on Binance where I saw how to use Peer-to-peer platform also several Tutorials where I saw how you can even Make money on this platform because

Oftentimes when I withdraw money from This platform I actually earn profit by Doing that process as well I believe This tutorial has helped you to use mix Even more and now my friend if you want To learn more about mix come to my Playlist earn money or mix tell me any Of your requests in the comments and if You want to use buy bit which is in my Personal opinion even better than mix Come immediately lower playlist earn Money and buy bit where I saw how I have Tripled my money on Barbie trading in This video right here here I saw seven Ways to earn 100 a day on buy bit I saw You how to use Barbie trading pods and How to make money even 400 free copy Pasting links on this platform so join Me my friend we are immediately going to See on this playlist earn money on buy It

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