SIMPLE Bybit Trading: $8,853 PROFIT (ByBit Bonus $30,000)

As you can see on the screen I have an 8853 dollars on buy between just one Trade and I have showed you the whole Process on my earn money why with play Lipton zero to making 2284 dollars more than five thousand Dollars and at the moment already around Eight thousand eight hundred dollars Worth of profit and I promise to Continue showing the progress into Upcoming videos so if you liked I always Create these updates tell me the Comments below and I will be happy to Show you more the recent weeks have been Really good because I have also made six Thousand nine hundred thirty dollars on Stockade with strong trade and also on Bit get more than 2945 dollars with just One trade but now let me show you the Process of buy bit and what am I Planning to do moving forward now when You want to start making money on buy Bit using any method you need to create A 100 free account and I will leave your Link in description below the video Where you can get up to thirty thousand Dollars worth of bonuses and notice you Will get six times better bonuses Through my league because normally if You go to buy bit directly the highest Welcome bonus is only 5 000 usdt but Through mining you can get up to 30 000 Bonus and also some other benefits such As zero fees and also free 100 position

Once you see my face right here you will Create your account on the right hand Side using your email address or a Mobile number or Google account or Apple Account and all methods I wanted person Free and you can do this worldwide you Can see the proof right here you simply Choose your country right here for Example even in India this works well That person perfectly if you fill out The phone number you create a strong Password and then you will click here Get yo welcome kids once you're inside Private you can redeem your welcome Bonuses right here or the rewards hub And I showed you all of those steps on My playlist earn money and buy bit but Today we talk about Barbie trading and I Will show my own trading strategy Everything starts from Bitcoin DCA and You can either do it manually here on The trade and then spot rating here you Can get more and more Bitcoin and as you Can see I have almost 100 percent of my Assets here on BTC if you want to do it Automatically you can do it here on the Barbie trading section and you can set Up this DCA bot and then it will get More Bitcoin for you for all the pilot Regardless of Market competition so That's the first step get more Bitcoin Regularly because Bitcoin is the Strongest form of money on planet Earth And for 99.9 percent of the people so

For almost everybody that will already Be enough just get more Bitcoin Regularly stay humble and stack sets as They said get more Bitcoin for example Daily weekly or for example every hour Whatever you want to set up with this DCA both by clicking here create now and Then choosing your time frame you can Even get more Bitcoin every 10 minutes And that's the basis of all but now many People will buy it they also like some Leveraged trading and I'm doing some Leverage trading here as as well and I Will show you different options to do Leverage trading out soap how I'm making Profits and you have already seen on the Previous videos but first I want to say That be careful with leverage my Recommendation especially for beginners Is to use maximum five percent of your Portfolio or leverage trading for Example if you have one thousand dollars In Bitcoin directly in your own wallet That maximum 50 dollars for leverage Trading if you have more ten thousand Dollars in Bitcoin in your own world Then a maximum five hundred dollars Position or leverage trading if you are One hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin Then maximum five thousand dollars Leverage trading so this is how you can Evaluate what would be good for you and A good principle for leverage trading is That keep as little money in leverage

Trading as you are willing to lose Completely in the same way like keep as Little money on US dollar Euros or Indian rupees that you are willing to Lose completely because as you know all Of these government currencies are going Towards zero US dollar has lost more Than 98 of its value in the last seven And a half years against Bitcoin Euro Has lost also almost all of its value Against Bitcoin and India Rupee and Other government currencies have lost Even more so keep in government Currencies and in leverage trading as Little as you can lose because with Government currencies you are almost Guaranteed to lose everything and with Leverage trading it's possible to lose Everything if you ever get liquidated so That's why I say that holding your money In Bitcoin directly is generally the Safest option so step number one get More Bitcoin regularly step number two Get the Bitcoin in your own wallet Whether it's a mobile wallet Hardware Wallet or multi-sec wallet that's the First step and then the second step is Optional for those people who want to do Live is trading is to do that carefully With the small amount of your portfolio And use some of the safest platform There is always a counterparty risk Whenever you are holding money on Another platform for example if buybit

Would now go down I might lose all of This money so that's always something Important to understand and now buy bit There are few different ways how you can Do leverage trading the first option is Mods in trading you can even do it here On trade and margin trading then you Choose right here and then when you Choose on the right hand side margin you Can see I could get the trade with 37 000 by using margin in other words I got Borrowed from buy bit more than 37 000 And use that money right here I have Specific videos on my playlist earn Money and buy a bit where I saw you that One and the second option is of course Buy a bit crypto lows right here so here You can get lows and I think that every Buy bit user is in guara did to get lows Right here if you want to get specific Videos just a minute the comments I can Create some buy with those videos for You and then the third option is the Bible this which is probably the most Popular one here you can find for Example USD tip Perpetual inverse code Tracks and also other options here they Obviously have the highest leverage Available all the way up to 100x which Is quite crazy if we compare that for Example the large concentrating on mods In trading the maximum with 5 x but as a General rule of top I don't recommend Using higher than 5x lyrics because once

You start going to 10 next 25 x 50 X1 Attacks you almost 100 guaranteed to get Liquidated at some point and lose your Position and that's why whenever you are Using even a small leverage that is Always a higher risk and that's why Especially for beginners just get more And more Bitcoin regularly you don't Need to use any leverage once you get More information once you understand Things more then you can consider Leverage trading if you want and you get It this is not forced this is only Optional for those people who want it Let me so now how I have opened this Trade to make more than 8 800 profit What metrics have I used to determine When I should buy it and much much more But if you enjoyed it I saw all of these Things transparently remember to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and Share my Channel with all of your Friends who love trading and they are Interested in Bitcoin so first of all Let's understand that I'm Trading here BTC which is Bitcoin if you don't know Much about Bitcoin let me just show you Here it has cut all the way from 0.1 Dollar to one dollar ten dollars one Hundred dollars one thousand dollars ten Thousand dollars now in every code is Already worth twenty eight thousand Dollars well it was a thousand one Million 10 meters and so on and so forth

So you can see it's going higher and Higher of higher but every now and then There are these so-called Corrections When price goes down movement thoroughly Until it starts sky rocketing and there Are a couple of metrics that we can Define when we have reached the market Bottom and when we are on the market pop Let's take for example 200 Big moving Average that I've sold many times in the Previous videos it starts with the Bitcoin price has been closed or below Without average that has been the cycle Bottom it has happened now in total four Times first I was here 2015 second time 2019 then 2020 is slightly went there And then again 2022 2023 so obviously I Know this that we are right here in the Bottom so that was one indicator second Indicator is of Costa Bitcoin rainbow Price chart with basically it gives you Indicators when you should be Pi when You should be selling and this blue area Or down right here it's usually says That the fire sale by heavily accumulate And of course if we talk about Bitcoin Supply and stroll heads in other words Addresses that hold Bitcoin for at least One yeah or usually at the bottom of the Market uh it's going higher and higher And higher and when we reach the top Then some of the people take out the Profits and they sell some of their Bitcoins you can see here for example

2017 where we want higher then the Amount of Bitcoin is strong hence it Went lower and you can see for example Here the amount of Bitcoin is strong Hands it with higher on the bear Market Same also happened here you can see Where the prices started going lower Then the amount of Bitcoin in strong Hands started going higher and the same Also here with Bitcoin started going Higher the amount of Bitcoin is strong Hands with lower and now with the Bitcoin price with lower then a lot of Bitcoin strongholds has been going Higher and higher and higher it has Actually done all dial height so there Is more Bitcoin in strong hands than Ever before with strong Health we of Course we refer to wallets that keep Bitcoin for a long term and not for Short-term trading so all of these three And of course some other indicators have Been showing us that we have probably Raised the market bottom somewhere right Here and that's why I took some Bitcoin With leverage here or buy bit and of Course I sold it publicly I wanted Person press perfectly on what Channel Earn wire pipe it and I'll show you the Updates and currently we are right here But in a moment I will talk about my Plans moving forward this specific trade I have opened using BTC as a collateral So let me show you from assets if you

Want to trade derivatives you transfer Some of your BTC or usdt here on the Derivative section and if you were to Use BTC as a collateral you call the Derivatis and then you choose your Inverse call tracks and then here BTC USD and you can see it right here and Then when you want to open trades you Choose the amount right here and then You click your buy long when you expect The price Bitcoin going higher however The trading value for USD take Collateral is usually much higher so let Me show usdt Perpetual just right here And you can see BTC usdt there is more Than 5.5 billion dollar trading volume In the 24 hours so alternatively you can Also transfer some usbt on your Derivatives account open this trading Pair right here and then it go to the Right hand side and then your tools here All padded along you can see the last Trade I have opened using usdt tools With 10x because I was getting the bonus Money here from buy bit Rewards app Where they always give a bonus so here Again you zip the two-star mode and then You click to open role once you make Sure that you are longing Bitcoin so now What is my plan moving forward with this Trade I will keep this trade open Indefinitely at the moment there are 8 800 dollars profits but I may be for Next Milestones perhaps ten thousand

Dollars profit it's fifteen thousand Twenty thousand and twenty five thousand Dollars profits and so on and so forth I Don't have interest of closing this Trade in the near future unless Something dramatically changes suddenly And now you might be asking but what Could be that dramatic change one Dramatic Chase could be for example if Bitcoin directly sums to one hundred Thousand dollars or some other big Numbers fast instead of going like Gradually right there then I could see a High so the red area maybe I will take Some profits you can see to drive all The way to the red and orange areas Right here another dramatic change could Be if there are some bad news regarding Bible but so far everything has been Really positive regarding private they Are one of the biggest and the fastest Growing excesses in the whole universe Or if something similar would happen Suddenly then I might consider closing This trade but if not then let's just Keep on earning more and more profits as The Bitcoin price keeps going higher now My friend if you want to learn more on How to make money will buy it for Example here of buy bit earned where I Have more than 35 000 when I get more Bitcoin Automatically every single day how to Make money and buy with copy pasting

Links here on the affiliate program how To set up the Bible DCA but Click by Click and more details on trading on Private come immediate to my playlist Earn money above it and here you will Learn immediately everything for example Here seven ways to earned 100 a day or Buy it you won't be my friend we are Going to see immediately on this Playlist

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