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Hey there welcome or welcome back in this video 
I'll be sharing two companies several worlds that   Are available right now some rules worldwide and 
some are not if you are ready to have a look and   See which ones are right for you then go ahead 
and give this video a thumbs up all right now   Let's get right into it so the first company 
is topdol and the website you want to come to   Is now this is a freelance Global 
Network so if the position that I'm going to   Show you is not right for you and you are a 
freelancer you can check out their freelance   Community as well I am going to show you one 
job that is available it's available in many   Different countries so I'm going to go ahead and 
show you that if you scroll all the way down to   The bottom right down here this blue section 
underneath contact where it says careers you   Want to go ahead and click on careers so over 
here they talk about their Vision you can join   Their core team or join as a freelancer I 
am actually going to show you a position   That is with their core team but if you want to 
check out this page it's all about the company   Their culture benefits you get Global Connections 
meaning opportunities to meet people all over the   World you work remotely so you can work wherever 
on your terms you also get flexible time off and   You can read more on the company itself right here 
on this page you can join as a freelancer if you   Want to check that out if you keep scrolling down 
on this page you'll see their career opportunities   The actual one that we're looking for is going 
to be here under revenue account management   And client services so if you click on that you 
see two positions available we're going to have   A look at the SMB client specialist one which 
is open right here they have a description on   This position you'll work with a forward-thinking 
globally distributed and fully remote team whose   Job is to provide exceptional customer service 
with a strong supported centered philosophy now   As a member of The Client Services team you will 
work with SMB clients and their supporting account   Teams to run the daily operational processes that 
underpin client success this is what they want   The ideal candidate to have they want them to have 
outstanding discipline highly passionate and eager   To learn grow and develop this position can be 
done from anywhere and resumes and Communications   Must be submitted in English so responsibilities 
are going to be to provided clients with several   Communication tools email chat and phone work with 
their sales Talent operations finance and legal   Teams to efficiently anticipate and fulfill 
client needs communicate via Zoom slack to   Maintain a high level of collaboration partner 
with client support teams act with a sense of   Urgency in resolving clients and talent issues 
handle escalated cases and assist clients and   Talents who need immediate attention act as a 
resource in subject matter expert by maintaining   A working knowledge of all Topsail Services 
offerings and policies Provide support to new   And existing team members have the opportunity to 
work on special projects and initiatives so right   Here they tell you what the first week what you 
can expect from working here then the first month  

So this is very helpful the first three months the 
first six months the first year of being there so   You can go ahead and check that out and read 
that for yourself on this page these are going   To be the requirements this is what they need for 
you to have so minimum three years of experience   Working in customer service over a variety of 
communication channels email slack and chat   Knowledge of the software development field is a 
significant plus must be strong performer in high   Volume high pressure situation communication 
must be able to have difficult conversations   And de-escalate situations when appropriate 
collaborative exceptional interpersonal skills   Team oriented Problem Solver time management that 
you need to have and you must be a world-class   Individual contributor to thrive at topdoll 
location so they are hiring for this position   Central America South America Europe Middle East 
and Africa then you can click on this green button   Over here to apply for this job so according to eight salaries were submitted with   Client Specialists for top tool at about a hundred 
and eight thousand dollars per year so that will   Vary depending on your location and experience 
so you'll find this one over at so   The next company is lead it simple and you want 
to come over to to find all of the   Opportunities that I'm going to show you for this 
company now this is a CRM platform for property   Managers and real estate professionals to manage 
their workflow they have a few different roles   Available that I am going to show you some are 
worldwide and some of them are going to exclude   The us some of them are going to include the US 
with the except question of a few States so you   Have to actually look through these jobs to see 
which one is for you now to find these you want   To come all the way to the bottom of the page 
once again underneath company click on careers   So over here they have all of the positions that 
are available right now okay and we're actually   Going to look at a few of these all right so 
we're actually going to have a look at first   This one this is a product marketing manager one 
and this one is actually not available in the US   For example this one here customer success manager 
outside of the US only as well and then they have   A part-time controller which is U.S contractor 
only and then some of these are available in   The US so you really just have to take a look at 
these the first one I want to look at today is   The product marketing manager one so I'm going 
to go ahead and show you that one now this one   Is only for people outside of the US and for this 
one they talk more about the role what to expect   Your first 90 days of working there what a day in 
a life is going to be like so this these are going   To be your everyday activities your perks are 
monthly Friday free day company holidays paid time   Off monthly Health Care allowance yearly vacation 
allowance fun and outcome driven work environment   Location Independence mission-driven company and 
value space culture these are going to be your   Requirement you Embrace learning new technology 
learn fast communicate crisply proactively seek   Solutions own the outcome embody emotional 
maturity bring an optimistic can do attitude  

Supply your own internet and smartphone and 
zero plus experience so you really don't need   Experience for this now this one right here is 
preferred if you have B2B SAS experience now   They do say no they're not accepting applications 
within the us at this time for this one but that's   Okay if you're in the US there are other ones for 
this company all right so we're gonna go over the   Client and implementation pilot one because this 
one is available worldwide except for a few states   In the US okay so if we click on that we can see 
everything about the job what your first 90 days   What your days in a life would be now this is 
going to be your experience these requirements   The first ones are going to be the same for all 
of these and this is basically like a personality   Trait plus you have to supply your own internet 
and smartphone communicate learn fast and all of   Those things now the only real experience 
you need for this one is you need to have   Three plus years experience in customer service or 
implementation role so if you have worked at all   For three years working with customers then that 
is enough and this one is preferred but you don't   Really need to have this and this is to have B2B 
SAS experience as well so this role also available   Worldwide except California Colorado and New York 
at this time but you can definitely have a look at   The other roles that they have for this company if 
we look at the part-time U.S contractor only role   This is the same qualifications here and there 
are other ones also for you to check out here   So those are just examples so lead simple does 
not have any salaries listed anywhere on what   They pay but according to for a 
client implementation specialist it is about   Sixty one thousand dollars per year that is 
in the US so it will be depending on your   Location your experience and everything else 
and the other positions also you have to look   Those up and see what those positions go for 
or you can go ahead and apply then find out   Exactly what the pay is going to be for you 
and you'll find those jobs at Foreign

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