Work From Home Remote Jobs NOW Hiring 2023! U.S. Only

In this video I'll be showing you two Remote jobs that are available right now Paying between 18 and 23 dollars per Hour if you're not in the US please Check back on the channel as I often do Post worldwide opportunities as well so If you're ready go ahead and give this Video a thumbs up all right now let's Get right into it alright so this job is Going to be for the company his and hers Hymns and hers is a Telehealth platform Connecting customers with Healthcare Professionals so you can either find Their jobs at or for So I'm over at and if you Scroll all the way down to the bottom of The page it'll save careers right over Here at the bottom and it says Professionals and providers you want to Go ahead and click on it professionals Over here they talk about why you want To join their team they believe in Giving their team the flexibility and Autonomy to do their best work from Wherever they call home so remote work Lets them hire the perfect fit for each Role and bring in diverse voices from Coast to coast including yours they have Over 400 Plus members right here they Have their benefits and Beyond so they Have full health care coverage High Coverage medical dental and vision Coverage for individuals and families Retirement planning robust compensation

Utility stipend you get an extra 75 Dollars each month to cover extra cell Phone internet or data usage generous PTO work from anywhere you get an Employee discount and you get spending Accounts as well they also have wellness Events open forums so monthly All Hands Meetings to catch up share news and Celebrate Milestones donut dates and Over here they answer some frequently Asked questions like how will I hear From you so you can go ahead and click On these to see information about that How long is the interview process will The interview be by phone or video Should I still apply for a role if I Don't meet requirements so let's take a Look at this one at his and hers they Consider it different to be an Opportunity they're excited to speak With you because they believe you bring Something valuable to the table even if It may not match exactly what the job Description outlines okay so don't be Discouraged to apply they still want to Hear from you now we're going to come Over here and see open positions when You click on this over here they talk More about the company his and hers when You scroll down you see all of the Positions that are available right over Here so you can go ahead and check all Of these out they have quite a few Especially if you are located in any of

These areas but the one we're looking at Today is going to be remote and anywhere In the US okay and we're gonna go ahead And look at the customer experience Agent one right over here now you are Required to be available on weekends as Well your response abilities will be to Respond to customer inquiries across Email phone chat and proprietary Messaging systems with excellent tone Grammar spelling for written Communications resolve issues in a Personalized accurate and timely manner Build long-term relationships with the Customers by offering advice related to Products and services become an expert In all things hymns and hers products And offerings and maintain up-to-date Knowledge in a fast changing environment Complete trainings and up-to-date Trainings as needed maintain highest Level of discretion when dealing with Customer issues strive to meet and Exceed structured performance targets Report on customer Trends and feedback Complete occasional overtime when needed By the business to maintain slas now This is your experience and skills for This one you need two plus years of work Experience one plus year experience in a Customer facing support role ability to Balance attention to detail with Efficient execution in a fast-paced Environment excellent problem solving

And communication skills with a high Attention to detail and quality Experience working in multiple systems And successfully navigating multiple Sources of information but says a Customer first eager to help approach Ability to demonstrate strong writing Skills spelling and grammar willing and Able to work autonomously in a remote Setting willingness and ability to work Non-standard business hours including Weekends and evenings and holidays so For special years of experience you just Need two years of General work Experience and one year in a customer Facing role so any job where you did Customer service for a year and two Years of just work experience in general So this is the pay so an estimate of the Pay range is 1950 to 23.50 an hour so This is what you're looking at right Here and they say that the actual amount Will take into account a range of Factors that are considered in making Compensation decisions which include but Are not limited to skill sets experience And training as well as certifications And locations so between 1950 and 23.50 Per hour then you can just come down Here to apply for this job so you'll Find this one at the next One is for pork bun and the website is now this is a very funny Name portfun is a fully remote domain

Name register now to find the jobs you Want to scroll all the way down to the Bottom down here where it says companies And click careers and this is the job They have available they're looking for A technical support representative Full-time weekends plus three weekdays So you'll have two days off during the Week they're looking to add a us-based Full-time technical support rep Representative to cover weekends and Three weekdays per week now over here They have some examples of what their Typical issues are so for example how do I connect my domain to Shopify how do I Transfer my domain my website isn't Working and so on so you can go ahead And check those out these are your Skills this is what would be important For you to have if you can write emails With a professional tone and deliver Excellent support even in the face of Customer stress tantrums and disasters Of their own making and sometimes theirs You love the feeling of making a Customer happy you're a really good Problem Solver you have at least one Year of tech support experience either At an internal help desk or customer Facing position you have a steady Internet connection and a quiet room to Work out of you work efficiently in a Remote work environment you're perfectly Fine with horrible hilarious puns so if

This is you or you you can make a strong Case for why they should hire you anyway Please send a resume and covered letter Right over here to their email and Subject line technical support Representative the hours are at 9am to 5 30 p.m Pacific time Saturday and Sunday Firm plus three weekdays starting pay is At 37 500 per year plus benefits so this Is an entry level position pretty much And you'll find this one at All right my friend hopefully you found That helpful give this video a thumbs up If you did thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you in the next Video bye

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